Women Use Language as a Sex Weapon


I’ve noticed whenever I speak to a struggling ESL girl (especially if she gives me IOI’s), the mating ritual is smooth because you are restricted to what your pre-speech ancestors had: body language and kino + a few easy sentences. That’s it. The mating ritual is so fucking simple. Shit tests are like swatting big retarded flies (example below).

Her: “Do you always put your feet on chair, dr_warlock?”
Me: “Yeah”
Her: “Sooo bad (tingles and giggles)”

No clown game necessary. Escalation is easy as hell. The power of touch magnifies over 9000. Compliments are much more effective. She doesn’t have the ability to contrive complicated sentence structures and nuances, nor does she have the ability to understand them in your language, thus her standards and entitlement drop dramatically.

ESL vs. Language Proficiency

When a woman doesn’t know the language, she is much more enjoyable because she is not capable of verbalizing her boring drivel thoughts exclusive to the female species. Everything is kept superficial and matter of fact. No gossip nonsense. No venting about her problems. You make some small talk. You tease. You kino-poke and get closer. You make eye contact and smile. It feels natural. You begin to wonder why it can be so difficult with every other girl…

However, take a similar girl, and increase her (in this case) English speaking abilities, then it becomes a completely different game. The second a woman becomes proficient at a language you’re using, she intentionally uses it as a difficult barrier to entry. They take something simple, the mating ritual, something animal, and use it as a tool to make it a complex game. The shit tests regarding status start coming full force, the bullshit piles up, and her expectations soar.

Why This Happens



Sexual arousal is an animal instinct. Women act on feelz one at a time. One thing leads to another, then, bam. Sex. However, when a woman attempts to satisfy her desires with language, she must access the conscious parts of her brain. This fucks everything up because unlike men, women have a ‘psycho-sexual dissociation’. Women often have no conscious clue about what turns them on or when it does as evidenced by their vehement denial of the success of ‘PUA tactics’. The use of verbal thought forces her to access her ideology. All of her desires are then filtered through said ideology and the final product is always something that upholds an image of modesty, but isn’t true:

  • She just wants to find a nice guy
  • She doesn’t have sex on the first date
  • She is attracted to intelligence
  • She’s not promiscuous
  • She doesn’t like ‘muscley douche bags’
  • She would never have sex with criminals
  • She wants a kind, gentle, chivalrous man
  • She doesn’t like drama
  • She wants her man to always be open and honest
  • She wants a man that is afraid to cry and talk about his problems

Note: This doesn’t include the SJW garbage that she has been brainwashed with her entire life in school and the media.

The Weapon

Women being the weaker sex that can no longer climb trees and possess no exceptional abilities (like other female animals) needed to compensate to survive. They did this by mastering the art of manipulation of men via indirect psychological warfare.

Don’t be distracted by her titties. Do not let her small stature put you at ease. Make no mistake, you are involved in a constant covert genetic war of the genders because men and women have opposing sexual strategies. Today’s battle field is conversation. The enemies primary weapon of choice? Speech.

Language is a tool. Women being the sexual selectors, they naturally capitalize on this tool as a means to enrich their arsenal of male-filtration mechanisms. The hoops, the lies, the deceit, the attitude, the shit tests, ASD, LMR, and all the webs she weaves are manifestations of women’s hypergamy unleashed by language filtered through her ideology. Instead of a mating ritual, you get an ‘entrance’ exam. When you engage her in this manner, you are forced to traverse this obstacle course. We call this attempt to compile speech to animal code, ‘game’.

Why Men Fail


Speaking to a woman with the intent to stick your penis inside her is agreeing to a verbal judo match. She, the rival and the judge, is waiting for you to make the first move. The first move, “breaking the ice”, is usually the most difficult to make, but not for the reasons you think.

Studies confirm when interacting with attractive females, men often experience symptoms similar to that of cognitive impairment. This is because women force you to communicate in a logical medium while unknowingly requiring that you simultaneously slip in emotional undertones and signaling with body language. He is attempting to speak multiple languages at once, a process that mandates the delicate balance of opposing forces (emotion and logic). As you can imagine, this can be difficult to process on the fly.

What Men Do to Fight Back


Nothing good ever comes from a woman thinking in the matters of sex. A woman’s cerebrum is like her fat, pesty, cock-blocking friend. Men have instinctively known this for millennia. The old time tradition? ‘Loosening’ her up with alcohol and making her laugh. This strategy helps suppress the  ‘logic firewall’, allowing for direct access to the feelz (no feelz, no smash).

SJW retards will be the first to call this rape, but it isn’t. Intoxication merely allows women the navigate the SMP in their natural state, when they feel free of judgement and use their hindbrain without the ‘ideology filtering’ mentioned earlier. The real reason women inebriate themselves with copious amounts of alcohol and why men encourage it is because this method serves as great hamster food for the hamster that women crave so dearly in the form of plausible deniability. Blame it on the a,a-a,a-al-co-hol.

Her: “Yeah, but I was sooo druuunk lolz.”

Sure thing sweety, you keep telling yourself that.


People like to ask older guys, “She’s sooo young? How could you possibly have anything in common?!?!?!?”

When you experience what I did with ESL girls, you realize that you don’t need to be in the same age bracket, have anything in common or even like the girl to have ‘chemistry’. You realize intergender relations has but one purpose: lovin’, touchin’, and squeezin’. Everything else that is placed on top is bullshit.

Get her high, get her buzzed, make her laugh, but whatever you do, engage her intellectually as little as possible. With no language, our SMP resorts to the likes of chimpanzees, but with too much language, men get tangled in webs. A struggling ESL girl is juuust right.

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