Women, sympathy, vulnerability, dogshit, and baseball

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“To be fair, they can sympathize with you. The problem is that the tingles and the sympathy are mutually exclusive. You can’t have both”

– /u/RU_Crazy

Love goes down, respect goes up…

  • Hierarchy of Love: Men => Women => Children => Pets
  • Hierarchy of Respect: Pets => Children => Women => Men

The architecture of a woman’s hierarchy of feelings changes based on her relationship with the organism. Don’t confuse this with, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where a lower level must be satisfied to get to the next.

Male-Female Relationship Dynamic

The hierarchy of women’s feelings with men is ~~

1) Tingles
2) Sympathy.

When she is with a man, whether he be an orbiter, an acquaintance, her boyfriend, her fiancé, or her husband, someone not blood related, there’s a sexual dynamic present. Whenever any male-female interaction takes place, a sexual dynamic is present (which is why men an women can’t be friends. Friendship by definition is platonic. Women are for fucking). You are designed to constantly assess the sexual viability of the other, treating them accordingly. That is, just because you’ve met them before, it doesn’t end your instinct to assess the other.

Men have a much lower threshold for sexual viability, and less feelings of disgust towards unattractive women. Whereas women have a much stronger feeling of repulsion towards unattractive men than vice-versa. This makes sense because her peak SMV years, her best window of fertility, is short, and the gestation period of a fetus is very long. That is one whole birth cycle a woman must wait to impregnate herself with Chad’s seed. All a man does is bust a nut, a very replaceable resource. A woman’s time isn’t. No one’s time is. Think of it like this…

Betas, Sympathy, and Dogshit


Women see betas how people see dog shit. The turd that lies before you has done nothing to you; you’ve had no previous quarrel with it, but it is a potential source of disease. As a protective mechanism, your body invokes a feeling of disgust to repel you from such things. The dog turd has done nothing wrong, but you attribute your feeling of disgust towards the turd, and then you resent the fact that it did so, one big positive feedback loop that continues to grow until you remove yourself from it. It would be more convenient to just step on it instead of walking around, but your disgust overrides that feeling. It would be more convenient for the woman to settle for the beta that stands before her despite his display of weakness, but her repulsion to the very idea of a lesser male impregnating her overrides that. Insemination by a beta when she has better options is rape. If you accidentally stepped on this turd, you’d be pissed off. All you were trying to do was get to your car; you did nothing wrong and now you have dog shit on your shoes. All a woman was trying to do was impregnate herself with a man she deemed worthy, but then you flashed signs of weakness and made her question herself. She thinks you’ve been putting dog shit in her pussy all along even though it only happened once because women perceive the world as a persisting state, specifically here


That is how a woman feels towards a man who displays a certain lack of fitness. Her repulsion for signs of lacking fitness are stronger than any signs of sympathy present, if at all. When you display signs of weakness, even if something was out of your control, she can’t get over the feeling that it’s unattractive to her. She may stick around and is very likely to remain polite and courteous, but the tingles will surely decrease (discussed later)

If she does end up sympathizing with you, the tingles disappear. From her perspective, the hierarchy of respect has shifted: pets => children => men (you) => Woman (her). There is nothing for her to look up to, to admire, to respect, a woman’s ‘love’. For a woman, sexual attraction and sympathy are mutually exclusive.

Women are Like Baseball

One act of ‘beta’, or a demonstration of your lack of fitness won’t necessarily end association as Briffault’s Law indicates, but it will result in a loss of tingles. AWALT. Think of displaying weakness as baseball.

Strike 1: “Eh, it happens.”

Strike 2: “I dont know about this… He can’t screw up any more.”

Strike 3: “You’re out”.

You’ll know you’ve striked when she withdraws sex and affection, or starts shit testing more. She wants you to hit the ball. She wants to think she has not wasted her short SMV window investing time in a ‘loser’. She wants to feel like she is good at identifying quality. If you strike out, you have to wait for the rest of the team (other men available) to bat before you get another turn.

The problem with connecting ‘strike three’ with a woman’s exit is that there is a delay. She will discretely sort through her backup guys or be more receptive of guys she runs into, looking to swing branches because her current branch is about to break (Gotta make sure the next branch isn’t broken too before you grab it). Optimally a woman would rather hold on to two branches, thus dividing the weight (AF/BB). Whether the tree has inferior genetics that made it more susceptible to snapping or an outside force like a storm or another animal injured it, something completely out of its control, is irrelevant. The branch is about to break, and can no longer be relied upon for support. By the time you have ‘the talk’, she’s already packed and planned her exit. Don’t beg her to stay or ask what you could have done better. Don’t ask why she cheated or flirted with other guys because it doesn’t matter. Move on. She’s not yours, it’s just your turn. You were fine before her, you’ll be fine after. The most effective way to deal with this situation is to withdraw your attention and run dread game by pursuing other girls or none at all if you don’t feel like it. Focus on yourself because she sure as hell is doing the same thing.

Women and ‘Feelings’

Feelings =/= Weakness

This is a common misconception. When it is said not to display your feelings, we’re talking about complaining and demonstrating your lack power in your environment. The only feelings women want to hear are that of passion and ego, a display of extreme interest, confidence, righteous anger, and desire for something, especially success. If a problem is necessary to state, the difficulty should be downplayed like it’s no big deal, and say you’ve got it covered. The only thing a woman wants to hear is how your frame is unbreakable and you have control over your life, nothing else, even if she asks (shit test).

Example 1:
Her: “Honey how was your day?”
You: “It was alright. How about you?”

(Your day was actually terrible because your boss was being an asshole, but she doesn’t need to hear about a man above you in status making your life harder)

Example 2:

Her: “How was your day?”
You: “I got a promotion!”

From my last post, “If you fuck her, you can own her soul” (Phase 7, Breakdown 5)…

“5) Opening Up/Vulnerability: She needs to know that’s there’s an irrational reason for your attendance and participation. An emotion, she can work with that. It gives her a sense of control, to know she can influence you to her benefit, at least to a degree. It eases her insecurities. This sexual dynamic is just a big cluster fuck of power grabbing. Periodically entertain the notion she can rein you in or get resources from you, this way she’s always invested, chasing the carrot.”

Tom Leykis: “I’ll show you my wallet so you can peak inside, but not give you a dime.”


Sidenote: Women also like brief displays of righteous anger (ie yelling at someone you feel has done you wrong). This shows you’re willing to stand up for yourself against a perceived wrong. You’ve got spine and will defend your status, resources, and potentially her and hypothetical/existing children. She will often pretend she doesn’t like it and try to hold you back as image-cover/shit test.


See: Never show weakness, she’s not on your side by Archwinger

Women and ‘Vulnerability’

Vulnerability =/= weakness

Another common misconception. Vulnerability can be used to increase your value, but only from a position of power. It can only be a compliment to an already sturdy frame and decent level of attractiveness. Example: If she perceives you as attractive, you can ‘confide’ to her that you have a ‘soft spot’ for puppies. Double points if you have a puppy with you, kiss its head, and pet it. She will think you’re ‘alpha’ with a soft side that only she (in her mind) gets to witness. She tamed you. This is the same phenomenon as ‘taming’ the ‘bad boy’. It’s an ego booster. This tactic will not work if she thinks you’re ‘lesser’.

bool ‘vulnerability’ = weakness = false;

if (‘vulnerability’ = true){
function decreaseLosTingles(currentMale){
—currentMale.SMV = currentMale.SMV – 2;

See: Vulnerability by Rollo Tomassi

The Politically Incorrect Truth About Women and ‘Vulnerability’

The types of ‘vulnerability’ women fall for on a regular basis are drug and alcohol addictions. Women like “fixer-uppers”. It’s the only ‘vulnerability’ where the subject loves something much more than the woman herself. The only thing these guys care about is their next fix. Bitches ain’t shit to heroin. Plus, drugs and alcohol are apart of the party/hedonistic lifestyle women love. Not to mention these people often do other criminal ‘bad boy’ acts and treat them much less than a princess. When these guys finally show affection, it really means something. It’s an inconsistent validation reward system (the most effective kind). Think of it like Bulma and Vegeta. Once Vegeta indirectly shows his affection (rarely) for Bulma with his actions, she goes nuts. Of course, Vegeta is a fucking badass. Beta affection doesn’t mean anything. It has no value. It’s just a sign of future usefulness.

Women would rather you slapped them than see you cry, tingley speaking.

Rooshv wrote a great post relevant to the subject awhile back.

Don’t believe me? Hear it for yourself..


Women are not inherently evil, they’re just looking out for number one. “Nobody is against you, they’re for themselves.” Hypergamy is a biological necessity to keep the species strong, it just sucks when you’re on the sharp end of it. Your goal in sexual strategy is not to convince girls to have sex with you, but to become the kind of man women want. Women have the ability to drop you so quickly and without remorse because it makes the process of branch swinging, hunting for superior genetics and/or self preservation, much more efficient. Don’t mis-attribute efficiency for malice. The sexual marketplace is all one big game and it never ends, especially for men. Acceptable moments of weakness are the burden of the man, and the luxury of the woman. She can lean on you, but not the other way around, at least not for very long. You have to recover quickly. Hard times can strengthen intergender bonds, but don’t get used to it or rely on it. Stay strong my TRP brothers.

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