Women Need the Three D’s: Dick, Direction, and Don’t Listen

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Modern western man has forgotten the fundamentals on how to handle women properly in the home and society. It’s been an absolute fucking disaster. But fear not! I, dr_warlock, am here to save the day. It doesn’t matter if the girl is Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Michelle Obama, Oprah, or a super model: ALL women need the three D’s…



Gentlemen, I’ve been Chad a few times, along with many of you. If you give a woman a few good dickings, she will get hooked. This is how it goes.

Sex Session 1: Just sex

Sex Session 2: Sex, and maybe a little pillow talk

Sex Session 3: Sex, pillow talk, and now she seeks your approval and validation.

Every woman thinks she won’t be this way despite the fact it has happened many times before (including the educated and ‘mature’ ones). Even with abusive men or criminals. A few trips to Boner City transforms them, no doubt. All those man-hating dyke, earth-pigs, with colored hair and piercings become traditional feminine princesses with pig tails and dresses while twirling their hair like giggly little girls as they skip to the beat of patriarchy.

Women are ill and need a bit of medicine (Patrice O’neil AKA Black Phillip). So give her what she truly desires. Give her what she needs, the reme-D.

Don’t mind ‘gay’ women. All lesbians are just sausage lovers in denial


Summary: Men and women are separated on islands to fend for themselves. Women fail so badly and risk dying, the show had to recruit some men to help the women.

Women need men and will never admit it just like a child doesn’t believe it needs parenting. They want to be treated as an adult, but can’t do basic shit by themselves. They need you throughout their entire lives for emotional stability, provisioning, and direction. Women are only ‘independent’ because men work in the background to uphold this image and dare not point it out. When this civilization facade is removed, the world sees what ‘adult’ women really are, the most responsible teenager in the house.

Comment Review

This video was previously posted on TRP, twice, and on Return of Kings (TRP 1) (TRP 2) (ROK 1). Let’s review some of the comments shall we?

1) “Like every office in Corporate America, the women backstab and gossip and criticize until their effectiveness at completing anything is eroded to zero.” – /u/rossiFan (Source)

2) ” ‘they approved of a merger.’ They reverted to making the men do all the work yet again, except this time the men had no choice and weren’t even getting holes for it” – /u/rpreader (Source)

3) “That entire video looked like a group of children whining and bitching while their daddies solved all their problems. How fucking sad” – /u/LionLaw (Source)

4) “Women are not for getting shit done. Women are for fucking and making more people. And the only reason you’re not hearing this everywhere is that people are afraid to say it.” – /u/Whisper (Source)

NOTE: Check all three posts, they each have their own great comments sections.

Here are some great relevant comments in separate posts:

“Without male direction this is what women default to after university. They work an office job, eat shit food and drink alcohol. Chub by late twenties. Overweight early thirties.

They stagnant and do only what feels good. They don’t try to improve themselves in any meaningful way and begin a downward slide.

Their is no intellectual stimulation. There is no physical stimulation apart from farting in yoga class. Their is no emotional stimulation, risk taking or adventure.”

– /u/GayLubeOil’s comment on the article, “Man dates”.

“Women are literally out telling the world that they are not responsible enough to take a pill every day, say no to sex, or stand up for themselves in basic everyday situations without special rules being in place. They have such an iron will to be incompetent that the entire world is collectively unwilling to see it. The entire argument for inequality put forth by feminists is essentially “Nobody can be thaaaaat incompetent, right?” It sounds crazy but it’s a damn good argument. For millenniums, we’ve only seen men work so we’ve never seen true incompetence, at least not on a large or cultural scale.

Nobody ever envisioned that such robust inadequacy can really exist and now the world is unsure of how to react when we finally see it. It’s such a profound level of patheticness that it’s actually more plausible to believe that the men who break their backs to provide for these women are raping them into teaching first grade then it is to believe that women are really like that. Never underestimate the blazing fire of a will to suck that fuels every woman’s heart and soul. It’s what she was built to do and there’s no refrigerator ugly enough to deserve the picture she’s drawn to be stuck onto it. She’s not even a cute child anymore, she’s an ugly spoiled brat who’s fat mother is making a fat daughter.” – unknown user on TRP

Don’t Listen

roll eyes

Seriously, who the fuck let dem bitches vote?

If men today never listened to single word a woman said their entire life, they’d be better off. Specifically about dating: “don’t ask a fish how to catch fish, ask the fisherman”.

The vast majority of female communication can be summed up as follows…

  • Brag-plaining
  • Venting
  • Gossip
  • Complaining
  • Manipulation/Deception
  • Shit Tests

Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Women can act hysterical and come after you because they’re fucking children and believe you’ll follow the ‘don’t ever hit women’ taboo. Sometimes in these cases, it’s best no to engage or listen to anything she says. Check to see if she is a man’s missing chattel first and then address her owner instead (analysis: here).

For More on Don’t Listen to Women: https://youtu.be/ApWRcyvHfag?t=35m2s

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