Why You Shouldn’t Explain Female Nature to Women


By explaining female nature to women, you’re either attempting to display your intellectual prowess (You showed her! /s), or are attempting to revise her nature in hopes she will change her ways to meet the standard of the ideal woman you were conditioned to expect and are biologically predisposed to perceive her as. Both efforts are futile; there’s nothing to gain. Anything positive derived from this endeavor is negligible and not worth the effort. She is not a man and will never be one. Accept this nature for this acceptance shall set you free

The Female Psyche

Women are mentally handicapped as a factory setting upon birth to allow them to navigate the sexual market place to their advantage with optimized efficiency (no cognitive dissonance) while pursuing the female imperative. Nature has sabotaged their psyche with installments of inhibitory components and psychological defense mechanisms to fulfill a purpose.

The framework from which all female psychology is built within, is solipsism. A characteristic of this condition is what she feels, is. The mere existence of that feeling is justification of its validity along with the behavior to which it manifests itself. The second condition from which all else follows is self-inductance, or to reflexively resist external changes toward the current narrative of reality that her immediate feelings produce. A woman’s brain does this by activating a series of interconnected psychological defense mechanisms.

Defense Mechanisms

1) Women find it very difficult to conduct introspection because standing between themselves and reality, is a veil of fog, a cloud of emotion (the first installed inhibitory component). This emotive haze is the atmosphere that acts as a filter from which she perceives reality. Light is allowed through, but is bent and distorted, providing an incomplete image or an outright fabrication of what lies beyond. As she attempts to penetrate this thick layer of erratic feelings, her efforts more often than not erode and disintegrate on their path to truth, never reaching the other side.

2) This cloud of emotion has a fog generator; it is what we call, the ‘hamster’ (the second installed inhibitory component). The hamster is the instrument by which the veil of fog acquires its amorphous shape and opaqueness, a rationalization mechanism that incites and maintains the dissociation. The hamster is a machine that allows her mind to prevent atmospheric penetration by diverting energy from the dive into reality to further amplifying the current countering emotional process that she is attempting to transcend. To bridge this divide means to fight against a part of herself that she cannot see. As she attempts to part the black curtain, an invisible entity pushes back.

If an outside force attempts to alter the narrative in her mind, the hamster kicks in, driving the defense mechanisms to adapt by restructuring her mental schema. The clouds of emotion that coat her lens from which she perceives reality are rearranged and modified to manufacture the narrative that best suits her purpose. The color and hue; the shape and angle; the intensity and brightness. She sees rays of light piercing the clouds, but she doesn’t see the sun. When she tries, she goes blind, blind and confused from cognitive dissonance which her hamster was built to resolve, saving her from herself. This component of the female mind allows a woman to balance a plethora of contradicting desires without noticing the contradiction.

  • The Song of the Hamster:


“Don’t fret precious I’m here, step away from the window

Go back to sleep

Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils,

See, they don’t give a fuck about you, like I do.


I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons

I’ll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason

I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices son

They’re one in the same, I must isolate you…

Isolate and save you from yourself …”

3) The hamster has incredible stamina. It can trek on despite being an amputee without pause. Whether you deliver a psychological blow powerful enough to knock the hamster off its wheel or blow it to pieces, matters not. The return from its coma or grave is not a matter of if, but when. Like Super Buu and T-1000, it will reconfigure itself to its original form. Almost. It will come back from the dead…with amnesia. The system rewrites the narrative via omission by redacting her involvement in its own destruction from the archives, because to have knowledge of the plot would invoke a sense of responsibility. This memory overwrite is used to expel an internal sense of agency and accountability, the fracturing of the foundation on which her special privilege stands upon. If it wasn’t her fault, it must have been an outside force. If it wasn’t her fault, it’s okay to do it again!

Somewhere between an excuse and a lie, she found something to believe

She re-frames the situation in a way that portrays herself as the victim of unknown circumstance and intentional wrong doing, justifying rebellion and ignorance, but most importantly, absolving her of all guilt. The idea behind this process is to retain the feelings of before, then redirect the blame. Her quest now becomes righteous. She can now proceed to pursue her self-interest with conviction. As PimpinLarge once said about women…

“Responsibility? Accountability? Forethought? Haaaaaaaate.
*Being irresponsible, unaccountable, and living in the moment: Wheeee!”

Jack Nicholson on Women

Girl: “How do you write women so well?”

Jack: “I think of a man… and I take away reason and accountability.”

The hamster is so ingrained into the female psyche that it can only be destroyed by killing the woman herself. It is so entrenched, so interwoven, so entangled in her mind that to remove it would quite literally remove her womanhood because it is a defining characteristic of the female. This is to say, women are not simply men with different plumbing, they are a different being entirely. They are programmed and wired to perceive the world in a way that motivates and incentivizes them to perform a complimentary role yet opposing sexual strategy within the human species.

Women Want to Navigate With Their Feelings

She wants to swim in a sea of feeelz. She wears her heart upon her eyes and navigates the waters with her tingles compass. She wants to be a feelzstronaut.

She’s crying, flailing her arms, and screaming, but she is not drowning. This is a woman in her natural state. Don’t save her, she don’t want to be saved. Don’t be her life guard and throw out your inter-tube. If you make attempts at rescue, she will either get pissed off or allow you to take her to shore then hop right back in the water. Remember, women don’t want to feel good, they want to feel.

There’s Nothing For Her to Gain

Even if they are aware, women have no benefit in acknowledging their true nature to themselves or admitting it to others whatsoever. Zero. It can only hurt them. The Pussy Cartel does not want potential providers of resources, validation, protection, and special treatment to know that they’re currently receiving a bad bargain or to believe that women are not wonderful.

“If I don’t feel like doing something, I can get men to do all the lifting.

If I am in need of an ego boost, I can fish for and catch excessive amounts of validation.

If I’m in danger, even if it’s of my own doing or deserve it, I can cry out for help and am guaranteed to attract men from the woodwork to save me.

If I desire special treatment or resources that I don’t deserve, I can flaunt my body or make subtle displays of interest as a tease to deceive men into believing they’ll have a chance with me if they give me what I want. As a last resort, I can always pull out the victim card to pander to men’s provider/protective instincts and turn outsiders against them as social pressure to perform my wishes without losing any respect for acting helpless and childish.

If I get into trouble of my own doing, I can cry and play dumb to distract people from the real issue and acquire enough sympathy to escape punishment.

If my reputation is on the line or someone stands in my way, I can make a false accusation that leads to loss of employment, social ostricization, and/or imprisonment without evidence with no consequence to myself.

If I wish to feel more secure in my environment, and there exists a space that doesn’t center around women and their feelings, I can invade the space and flaunt my pussy or pull out the victimhood card to attract attention to myself and cause the culture to cater to my needs.

Why would I destroy the naive male delusion of female innocence and unconditional love when I can always use it to my advantage? Why would I relinquish this power?”

A woman would get what she deserves, rather than what she wanted or needed if she could not dissociate. Luckily, nature has equipped women with an instinctual proclivity to dissociate. Women have evolved to become humanity’s most competent liars, in spite of themselves, for their own sake. Rather than striving to be better than she is, womankind has become competent in pretending she need not be better because she already is what she isn’t – better. – IllimitableMan from The Nature of Women

Example of Arguing With a Woman (Patrice O’neil Debates a PhD Pornstar Actress)

  • Summary of short version provided by JP_Whoregan, here (363 pts, 93%)
  • Recommendation: Listen to it while in the car.

Women do not want to see the light. If you manage to educate her on her ignorance, lay waste to her mental defense mechanisms, and dodge/restrain her verbal judo as Patrice did in the video above, all you would have done is make a little girl cry and crush her self-esteem for a moment. Onlookers in the vicinity that are not aware of TRP principles will think you’re just an angry neckbeard misogynist, then the girl will return to her ways once more. Any insight gained from the temporary pause of her hamster that you caused will soon be forgotten and ignored. This scenario was different because the argument was made towards the audience and Patrice only benefits from the notoriety as a comedian.

Read: How Women Argue by IllimitableMan

Sexual strategy is an unspoken game. The language of the land is power talk, speech that provides plausible deniability and uses implication as opposed to explication. Direct talk feels icky to women, but as usual, women are unaware of the fundamentals of their psychology that lead to the feelings they experience. Women HATE direct speech (straight talk) because it does not provide women with said plausible deniability their deceptive tactics that female sexual strategy requires and produces unclear results in regards to testing to see if men just ‘get it’.

“You’re playing a game. The fastest way to lose the game is by acknowledging there is a game being played.”

– /u/moodyprism


“They are missing every innovation on the Y chromosome.

Instead, they just got another copy of the same kind of chromosome they already had. They are missing all that originality. They got a double dose of the conventional. Instead of intuition and a rational mind, they got intuition and intuition.

When you’re not sure your intuition is right, you consult your rationality. When they’re not sure, they consult their other intuition. It’s all they’ve got, the only tool they have. They can’t even imagine what it’s like to have something other than gut feeling, but their gut feeling is that they wouldn’t like it.”


Those who do not conduct introspection, will forever be a slave to instinct. Natural selection has made women a zombie to the feels that sometimes eats their own brain, an android that follows its programming to the grave.

Thus, do not explicate female nature to women, just treat them like you understand female nature. She will not find your enlightenment and displays of intelligence arousing. She will not see the error of her ways because she is engineered specifically to deny reason and accountability. She will not mature past the mental age of a teenager because she doesn’t have to and isn’t effective. To make any attempt to revise her nature is like telling a computer to disobey its programming. To believe NAWALT and try again with another girl is like using a duplication of the last computer and expecting a different result: Insanity. Don’t waste your time.


By explaining female nature to women, you’re either attempting to display your intellectual prowess (You showed her! /s), or are attempting to revise her nature in hopes she will change her ways to meet the standard of the ideal woman you were conditioned to expect and are biologically predisposed to perceive her as. Both efforts are futile; there’s nothing to gain. Anything positive derived from this endeavor is negligible and not worth the effort. She is not a man and will never be one. Accept this nature for this acceptance shall set you free

I have a dog. I know that dogs bark sometimes, they beg for food, they get hyper, and shed. It comes with the package. I understand that he barks, thus allow him to do his thing in moderation. Every time he smells my meals, he runs downstairs and begs. This can be annoying, but it’s to be expected. It is my job as the superior being to understand his nature and realize it won’t change. If I can’t stand it, it’s my job to get rid of him. To change his nature, to get him to not bark, to not beg for food, to not run around, would mean he is no longer a dog.

The very things we sometimes complain about women: irrationality, emotional instability, fickleness, and hypergamy is what makes them a woman. It’s in their nature. These are not bugs, they are features. AWALT. To eradicate these features would mean she is no longer a female. Do you want to fuck your guy friends? I doubt it. You don’t have to put up with her shit, but if you choose to have them in your lives, you have to accept their nature and deal with it accordingly, properly.

A scorpion’s gonna sting. A dog’s gonna bark. A woman’s gonna woman.

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