What is The Red Pill?

The Red Pill subreddit is about male sexual strategy, and to a lesser, but not negligible extent self-improvement physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and philosophically, and how to come out on top in social situations.

But what we are known for, what we are hated for, is male sexual strategy. Whether it be casual flings, long term relationships, and everything in between. We want to satisfy our personal sexual strategy with the least amount of time, effort, and resources while still remaining a man of value.

“Get that ass, but keep my cash. Love women, stay free”

Q: How does this differentiate with other systems such as PUA (pick up artistry)?

A: Because we at TRP dig into the underlying sexual psychology of women. Despite conventional thinking, women are not mysterious, they’re not wonderful, and they’re most certainly not equal.

Women are not mysterious, but rather intentionally ambiguous. They have predictable patterns of behaviors that can be dealt with in a deliberate manner that favors both parties that most of the world, especially women, believes doesn’t work and considers immoral.

Women are not wonderful, they have negative psychological characteristics specific to their gender that society attempts to ignore and deny despite constant occurrence so as to not harm the image, feelings, and sexual imperative of women and keep men in the dark for exploitation.

Q: Is TRP sexist?

A: Hell, fucking yeah it is and we don’t care what you think about that. This is not a politcally correct environment. We give you the real deal and we’re often vulgar about it.

In the posts, the main focus is sexual strategy and self-improvement, but in the comments section? Anything goes. Thought crimes are encouraged. Topics ranging from globalsim, the Federal Reserve Banking, Big Food, Big Pharma, gun control, immigration, automation and many other subjects considered taboo in the mainstream media and modern discourse.

This is a safe space for your ideas, not your feelings. TRP only gives respect to merit. TRP is anonymous for a reason. The validity of a statement is not determined by the characteristics of its speaker. Only two things matter:

  • 1) Does it make sense?
  • 2) Does it work?

TRP is amoral, not immoral. Absent rape, assault, and theft, anything goes. The material is provided, then it is up to the reader to determine whether or not they will implement the proposed strategy. TRP is a buffet: take what you like and leave the rest.

TRP is about truth no matter where it leads.

That is the red pill.

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