Warlock’s Laws

1) Sexual Consent

2) Game is being naughty while keeping her image nice

3) Never take a basic-bitch to non-basic shit

4) She’s not yours, it’s just your turn. The glass is already broken.

5) Always act like a girl has touched you before. Don’t fart and cum your pants like a beta.

6) Before you be on her mind, you gotta be on her pussy

7) Never let a woman have a monopoly on your sexuality. Never let a woman decide when DON’T get to have sex.

8) Never be scared of the bitch face ‘cuz bitches ain’t shit. They’re tiny, scared of geckos, and highly insecure. (Coined phrase, not the post)

9) It’s better to be a single in drought, than a beta bucks chump getting duty sex.

10) Fat women don’t deserve love.