The Epiphany Phase and Baby Rabies Never Used to Exist

What is the Epiphany Phase?

“This is a precarious time for women, usually the years between 28 and 30, where she makes attempts to reassess the last decade of her life. Women’s psychological rationalization engine (a.k.a. the Hamster) begins a furious effort to account for, and explain to her reasonings for not having successfully secured a long term monogamous commitment from as Alpha a man as her attractiveness could attain for her. Even women married prior to this phase will go through some variation of self-doubt, or self-pity in dealing with the hypergamic uncertainty of her choice (‘Is he really the best I could do?’)”


As I noted earlier, this phase also coincides with a woman’s sharp decline in fertility and childbearing capacity, so the instinctual urgency to breed, reinforced by the myth of the biological clock contributes to this internal crisis. All of this coalesces into some amazing feats of rationalization hamster acrobatics.

– Rollo Tomassi in The Epiphany Phase

The Past

The epiphany phase never used to exist. It is merely a manifestation of instincts gone unsatisfied. In pre-agricultural societies, women start having sex early. If she bleeds, she can breed. Nature does not give you tools you can’t handle. There wasn’t an ‘age of consent’, it’s not ‘taboo’, that’s a social construct of a post Industrial Revolution civilization (agricultural society). Very liberal sex practices are still conducted in today’s tribes. These women are fulfilling their biological imperative very early in their lives and are often pregnant for much of their adulthood. They aren’t sitting around at 30 feeling a void within them (not fulfilling their biological imperative, having children).

Many would say that young girls today arent ready for parenthood. They are correct. But what they don’t realize is that throughout human history, young girls had already been taking care of siblings for years by the time they’ve had the their first child. The transistion from babysitting to motherhood was quite smooth.

Sidenote: I’m aware that the modern diet of shit food has decreased the age of puberty for girls such that pregnancy would be dangerous for their health and even life threatening. But that’s not the point.

Brainwashing (Women were lied to also)


Feminism is indoctrinating women into believing that they don’t need a man and can do anything. Having children early on is a form of oppression. They should compete with men in the corporate rat race for the pursuit of money, power, and might. If they should decide to LATER become mothers, they can balance family, higher education, and a corporate job while remaining stress free and happy. They are ignoring their biological programming, to become young mothers.

It’s ridiculous how SJWs say women aren’t sex objects when they are the bottle neck of reproduction. You have to have sex with them to continue the human race. No amount of socioeconomic success and ‘independence’ can serve as a substitute. Women are baby making machines. They have an orifice dedicated to the housing and transportation of dick, spunk, and babies. They have an organ that stores the fetus. They have a tube that transports nutrients from the mother to the fetus. And they have glands in their chest to nurse their infants. Women are designed for the sole purpose of pregnancy and taking care of their young children. This is their biological imperative.

Women used to be praised, even worshiped, for their bodies and birthing capabilities. Motherhood was seen as a integral part of society. Now people look at it like ‘eh’, whatever or even with disapproval. <em>”You could be so much more! What are you doing?”</em> Women are no longer being rewarded for their part in society and thus feel a much less of a need to procreate.

Slightly Related: “Women are not objectified. They’re Objects

The ‘Biological Clock’

Biological clock ticking concept with a time piece over human uterus and ovaries as a fertility metaphor for the stress of making a baby versus the reproductive age of a woman.

[…]The real biological clock is when these woman are young, and wanting to bed the more-alpha-possible men. That IS what their body is telling them to do. Not for fun, but for procreation. – Yohami (commented here)

The epiphany phase and baby rabies they experience later on in life is because they have put off their biological imperative for waaaay too long. Women are not happy despite having the most comfortable existence in all of mankind’s history because of this. You can indoctrinate people into going against their nature, you can override instinct with ideological programming, but it will affect them later. It may be as subtle as a void they can’t explain, to outright depression and anger, but one way or another, the consequences will come.

Sidenote: This is a major reason for the ‘gender wage pay gap‘. The instinct to procreate and nuture becomes to strong to ignore, Indypyndynt women finally succumb to their instincts and are opting out of the workforce to become stay-at-home mothers or take a part-time position.


Now at the ripe age of 35, her SMV has plummeted from her peak at 16 to early twenties. Her expectations have been shot through the stratosphere from years of betas orbiters, the media, and her cellphone. And her age dramatically increases the likelihood of birth complications. It is now considered normal to use thousands of dollars worth of fertility drugs to get pregnant for fuck’s sake. Apple and Facebook even offer to freeze eggs for female employees! They’re overriding what their body is telling them ==> sweetheart, you’re too old! You shouldn’t start having kids at this age!

This is why women are shaming men for being attracted to young girls 16-21 besides the fact that it’s completely natural and healthy. This is why our culture tells us men to ‘man up’, marry washed up post-CC sluts, have a ‘real’ relationship and settle down with a ‘mature’ woman ‘appropriate’ for your age. It is because there are much more women to the right side of female SMV peak years. It’s because we have an influx of post-wall women who have yet to fulfill their biological imperatives and did not yet secure a man yet.

The best time to have a child was 15 years ago. The next best time…. it’s too late.

They Were Never Alone

Women never used to be by themselves. The whole fear of dying alone and hysteria of finding a man didn’t exist. They had the tribe their entire lives. When they hit the wall, when they were no longer sexually viable to males, she has long satisfied her biological imperative. Women were never tossed aside, they simply switched roles from mother to caretaker of the next generation of young girls, AKA the grandmother. Her provisioning was still intact. She helped the tribe, and the tribe helped her. But now it’s every family unit and every man for themselves.


Sweetheart. The ‘clock’ started ticking when you had your first period. It will end when the eggs dry up. This is not a social construct. This is biology. Ignore it at your own peril.

Did you click the featured picture to see if it would expand and show tits? Me too. Sadly, no tits… That is a picture of a woman from the Yanomami tribe in South America (hunter-gatherers). Wanna see some nice jungle tits while still learning? Watch this video.

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