Skeptical About TRP Theory? Try it on Your Ex-GF (Step-by-Step Guide to be Her Chad)


Doubt TRP? Think it’s bullshit? Test it! If you’ve improved at all since your break-up, your Ex-GF is the easiest lay you’ll ever get. Here’s how I did it as a beginner of the TRP ways.

  • Why you should choose your ex-gf for your first TRP experiment
  • Why you Came to TRP
  • Why you never Noticed TRP in action before
  • Why it’s time to change
  • Exploring the new feelings you’ll have, and how you deal with them
  • How she will contact you, why she contacted you, and how you should respond
  • How to pass/ignore her shit tests and not fall for beta bait
  • Get the ‘date’
  • Get date numero dos
  • How to deal with ASD and LMR
  • How to fuck her correctly with video examples [NSFW!!!]
  • How to act post-coitus
  • How to make her a plate and what to expect from

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