MAGAPod Interviews Me (The Red Pill, Female Nature, Men’s Rights, and More) [BANNED FROM iTUNES!!!]

Mark Hammond from MAGApod contacted me for a phone interview opportunity on his podcast (~50,000 views/episode) after seeing my blog site announcement on the sub. In it, I lay down the muthafuckin’ law about TRP, men’s rights, and a good ol’ women bashing. I did not hold back on any of the harshness or vulgarity that this place is notorious for. I represented this place the way it deserves.

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Why You Shouldn’t Explain Female Nature to Women


By explaining female nature to women, you’re either attempting to display your intellectual prowess (You showed her! /s), or attempting to revise her nature in hopes she will change her ways to meet the standard of the ideal woman you were conditioned to expect and are biologically predisposed to perceive her as. Both efforts are futile; there’s nothing to gain. Anything positive derived from this endeavor is negligible and not worth the effort. She is not a man and will never be one. Accept this nature for this acceptance shall set you free.

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