Skeptical About TRP Theory? Try it on Your Ex-GF (Step-by-Step Guide to be Her Chad)

Read Part 1: What I Learned from Being Chad a Few Times and Approaching Women (Field Report)

How did I get to learn those lessons from part 1 with different girls? All because of one experiment I did on my ex when first taking the red pill. This proved to me once and for all the true nature of women.

Warning: I highly recommend you view this one on a computer or tablet, not your cellphone.

UPDATE: This is long, don’t blame you if you wish to see why you should bother: Here you go (595pts/92% on TRP + great reviews)


The long anticipated Chad guide has arrived as requested, but let’s clarify a few things first. This is not a cold approach guide. This is not a “How to be Chad Anywhere” guide. This IS a guide on how to be your ex-gf’s Chad coming from the perspective that she contacts you. Much TRP theory must be changed to accommodate for the fact that she’s your ex-gf, not just some strange. This is a GUIDE. By that I mean don’t be restricted by what I say here if the situation doesn’t warrant it. Adapt as necessary.

UPDATE: Turns out, many guys have been trying replicate the experience presented in this guide and PM about how it didn’t work. Upon further investigation, it turns out they did THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I RECOMMENDED and resumed their former beta ways because they succumbed to their old feelings for the girl. The only way you can succeed and maintain that success from this guide is to come to your ex with a ‘this bitch aint shit’ mindset. Anything less will result in drama. You’ve been warned.


  • Why you should choose your ex-gf for your first TRP experiment
  • Why you Came to TRP
  • Why you never Noticed TRP in action before
  • Why it’s time to change
  • Exploring the new feelings you’ll have, and how you deal with them
  • How she will contact you, why she contacted you, and how you should respond
  • How to pass/ignore her shit tests and not fall for beta bait
  • Get the ‘date’
  • Get date numero dos
  • How to deal with ASD and LMR
  • How to fuck her correctly with video examples [NSFW!!!]
  • How to act post-coitus
  • How to make her a plate and what to expect from

Why is Your Ex-Girlfriend an Easy Lay?

If you have undergone any improvement at least a month after separation, an ex-gf can be one of the easiest lays you’ll ever acquire because…

  • 1) You already have an intimate history, not as much seduction is required.
  • 2) She’s going to hamster it as “we already had a relationship, it doesn’t contribute towards my count”.

Why Should I Use TRP on My Ex-GF?

If you question the predictive power of TRP theory, if you believe that it is just a bunch neck beard loser advice and NAWALT, I want you test this out. I dare you to disprove the claims made here. Bluepillers and nay sayers always demand studies to back up our claims. I say the best study is direct experience. There’s nothing better than witnessing a phenomenon with your own eyes, following a step-by-step pattern of what you’ve been told to look for. I want you to see that even your once beloved is very similar despite how she claims she’s not like other women. You’ll laugh at how predictable women are.

Why You Came To TRP, and Why You Stayed

1) You came here because, men are not happy

I cannot emphasize this enough and have explained it a bit, here. It’s 5x guilded, 1728 point post for a reason. It is the foundation and motivation for all of PUA and TRP. If the strategy society has been prescribing men truly worked, if the advice given to men awarded them happy and optimal sex lives, TRP would not exist.

About once every month or two, there’s a post somewhere on Reddit, by a woman, saying something like, “My boyfriend suddenly started doing Red Pill stuff and now I want out,” followed by 4-6 paragraphs explaining how her boyfriend is now a controlling, abusive asshole who works out and wants sex (because these traits are, of course, very, very unique to The Red Pill, and any guy who exhibits them obviously went online, found us, and we ruined him). These threads get seized upon by our detractors, who eagerly point out: “See? See!? The Red Pill doesn’t ‘work’ ! It just ends relationships and turns guys into assholes!”

Independent of what is and is not actually “Red Pill behavior,” situations like these are based a bad assumption. Simply put, in examples like this, the lamenting woman has presupposed that prior to her man’s “changes”, their relationship was actually good, and he was actually happy. Then he ruined everything by reading some bullshit online that told him how his relationship ought to be, then trying to implement it.

This begs the question: If the relationship was fine before the boyfriend went all Red Pill on his woman, why is he trying to change things? Why did he go on the internet and seek out the manosphere? If he’s happy with his relationship the way it is, why is he trying to find ways to improve his sex life and become more assertive?(All of this, of course, assumes that a) the stories presented on Reddit are true; and b) the man actually sought out The Red Pill and didn’t just stop kissing his girlfriend’s ass for any number of other reasons.)

The Red Pill is here because men aren’t happy. They don’t want to be sweet and sensitive and do things for women all day long and be the “perfect boyfriend,” while having subpar sex once every six weeks, paying out the ass for expensive dates and gifts, sacrificing personal time, and getting bitched at and threatened with a break-up if any of this perfect behavior ever dips slightly. They don’t want to give backrubs and footrubs, stay at home one weekend a month while their women have a night out with the girls, get disrespected and talked about behind their backs, get cheated on (but just harmless, meaningless mistakes that don’t really count!), and get berated when they push back against any of this. They don’t want to let women move in, rent-free, and get pressured to buy a ring for a four-digit number of dollars and tie their finances to someone who makes less than half as much money, just because they’ve been “dating awhile” and “it’s time” and they’re “supposed to.”

2) Morpheus tells you why you’re here…

“Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain–but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life. There’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there. Like a splinter in your mind. Driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me…….. Do you know what I’m talking about?[…] Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

3) Let dr_warlock tell you why you’re here…

People don’t venture to these part of the woods by coincidence. A small portion of the audience comes from notoriety, but most…. I bet you used to do what society, especially women, have told you. Be a gentleman. Be considerate. Be her savior of all that shall do her distress.

You thought you were done looking and could settle down. The game was over. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a game, it all ‘just happened’. It was meant to be. You treated her like a princess. Then out of ‘nowhere’, your precious unicorn took a fat shit in your heart and tore it out of your ass where you head was. Or you were ‘alpha’ before, then got comfortable, doing the above. You continued this cycle ,thinking, “NAWALT, I just picked a bad one”. But the pattern continued, leaving you bewildered as to what went wrong. After all, you did what society has told you all along. What’s going on?!? Sound about right?

You came here because you wanted answers, you stayed because you found it works.

Why You’ve Never Noticed TRP in Action


“The Reason Betas Pedestalize Women”

Put yourself in the typical beta male’s shoes. He spends a goodly chunk of his horniest years — teens to mid 20s — when holes in watermelons look like acceptable vagina substitutes, pining for ethereal hot chicks who don’t pay him a lick of attention as they swoop by him on a cloud of incandescent purity. He sees them only from afar, where his imagination is free to feverishly fill in the gaps with only the most pleasant assumptions about his dreamgirls. When the rare communication does occur, she is as nice and kind as a saint to him. He is too smitten to recognize the hint of pity and condescension laced in her polite chat.

Later, usually college, he fumbles his way through awkward social interactions with plainer janes, the great majority of which end up with him being used for emotional sponging and ball-twisting, torturous friendships. All these girls are exceedingly, superficially kind to him because, after all, why look a gift herb in the mouth? A girl loves beta male attention, as long as it’s platonic, on her terms, extractive, and focused on feeding her ego. Naturally, these girl-friends never talk about their sex lives with the beta, never reveal what really goes on behind closed doors, and never invite the beta to join them on any adventures that really matter to him. Contrary to media popularization, betas rarely hear “This one time, at band camp…” from girls in their social circles. What they often hear instead are requests for help with term papers.

Time For a Change, Your Way Got You Here

Whatever strategy you’ve been using, forget it. Doesn’t matter. Your way sucks. Your way got you here. I’ve been where you were and have succeeded in doing exactly what I’m about to tell you. If you’re new here, read the sidebar and the top TRP posts ever, but if you have done that, move on.

Warning: This is more than likely going to feel uncomfortable. You’re acting against DECADES of conditioning. It’s going to feel not ‘genuine’, ‘manipulative’ (it is), and ‘wrong’. It’s not the ‘real you’. It’s going to require much conscious effort. Your mind is going to wonder to the thought of, “This can’t be right, it shouldn’t be this complicated. This is too much of a game”. It was always a game, you just never realized you were playing, and were losing. Now you have to act against your previous knowledge to obtain what you want, to see how intergender dynamics really are. As Rollo-Tomassi said in his interview (video below), make the Red Pill who you are, not an act. You have to fake it ’til you make it. Become one with the mask. Internalize the red pill.

Now let’s get started shall we?

Predictable Response

Let me take out my crystal ball and bone dice. Ommmmmm. Ohmmmmm. Ah! I see…
Your ex-gf is going to contact you via text or social media saying one of the following…

  • “hey”
  • “hi”
  • “how are you?”
  • “what are you up to?”

Note: She didn’t contact you out of the blue. She has almost certainly had another boyfriend or fucked one or more chads she had lined up as a fall back plan during your relationship. She’s contacting you for one of the following reasons:

  • 1) Chad pumped and dumped her, she’s desperate for a man now. She remembers the comfort you provided for her before and wants your security while she finds another branch.
  • 2) She misses the good parts of your relationship and how good she had it.
  • 3) You haven’t been paying her any attention like you used to and is looking to see if you’ll give her more validation to boost her ego.

She has thought about this moment waaay in advance.

Your Response

I don’t care how much you miss her or how excited your feel, you’re going to ignore this text for at least 24hrs. You have to look like you have other things going on in your life even if you don’t and that she’s unimportant (she is). It’s about her perception. You might receive more messages during this time period. Ignore them too. Next you’re going to reply with, “hey”. Not, “omg I miss you so much, where were you?”==> “hey”. Not “hey what’s up?” ==> “hey”.

Notice the lack of capitalization and punctuation. That’s how all your texts with women should be. It says, IDGAF. IDGAF is a sign of abundance, you don’t have time to put too much effort into any one girl. It’s a hint of pre-selection.

She’s going to reply with something like, “how are you?”. You’re going to wait at least an hour to respond with another one sentence answer:

  • “nothin much you?”
  • “all good you?”
  • “pretty good you?”

The idea is to act like the whole break up ordeal has not fazed you. It never happened.

She will say something like, “fine”, “me to…” (notice the trail off, an attempt to get you to talk more), “pretty good” or some kind of validation seeking behavior like “it’s been rough” (I’ll cover this later).

Do not respond to this, not even an “ok”. She will probably contact you in a couple of days allowing that hamster to spin and come in terms with her new feelings. Don’t interrupt this. She likes it. She’s going to be thinking, “omg, does he still like me? Why isn’t he responding?” Let that hamster run. Women don’t want to FEEL good, they want to feel. It’s the reason female reality shows like the Kardashians and the Bacherlorette is filled with nonsensical, completely unnecessary drama and fighting — women love it.

Expect another text to say something like “what have you been up to lately?” This is your opportunity to display status. Don’t fuck this up. I don’t care if you’ve been moping around, jerking off, and playing video games every day since the breakup, you need to make her think you have a life and possibly insinuate that other girls are in the picture. INSINUATE, not state. Women communicate covertly, indirectly, and use powertalk. You need to do the same.

Respond with something like, “hanging out with friends. some parties here and there. you?”

What she hears: “I’m not moping around crying like a loser over our breakup. You are not the center of my universe. My life goes on without you. I can have fun outside your presence and have possibly been with other girls.”

Again. The hamster is your friend when used properly. Her imagination can do ten times more than you ever could. She will conjure up thoughts of you fucking other girls and wonder why you don’t miss her. This is good.

She’s going to say something like you did, or purposely suggest there’s another guy in the picture (beta bait, discussed later). This response doesn’t matter at all. Ignore it. She will then get to the point of her contact and say something like, “I miss us…”, “What happened to us?”, “I’m sorry for the way I treated you”.

Note: She’s fishing for validation. You will not unleash your pent-up oneitis pussy feelings and tell her how much you miss her. You’re going to shove that down in a deep dark place where it will starve, rot, and wither away. Let it Die. If you don’t, Captain Wedley will find you. If you don’t ,dr_warlock will cast a spell that saps all your gainz, give you unwashable acne and a unburnable, uncuttable neckbeard that won’t come off for a month.

Here are some good responses

Her: “I miss us”

You: (Don’t answer) or “…”

Her: “What happened to us?”

You: “idk things just weren’t workin. strange huh?” (Feed that hamster, things ‘just happened’)

Her: “I’m sorry for hurting you…”

You: “not a big deal” or “don’t worry about it”

Note: She’s fishing for more validation. If you cave in and do that, she will have had her fix and ditch you. Don’t argue, don’t provide a serious explanation, it will just divulge into chaos of tangent discussions.

She will respond in one of three ways

  • 1) Ask to hang out, possibly to return your things
  • 2) Fish for more validation, insisting on how sorry she is
  • 3) Show up at your house (/u/OmLala covers this, [here](

In the case of the #2, keep brushing it off like last time or say something like, “im a big boy i can handle it” or even better, “its cute you care about me, but i’m fine. scouts honor”. It will drive her nuts that you’re not scowling over her absence. It is likely she’ll respond with unnecessary mumbo jumbo. Ignoring it is a good strategy or end it early saying, “im getting tired and am going to bed. goodnight”. That last part is crucial. That ‘goodnight’ will get her hamster spinning. “He just might be interested in me after all. Ahhhhh, the validation feels good.” or “he said goodnight, he may still like me!”. It doesn’t really matter. She will go to bed thinking about all the good times you had, none of the beta times. It is important to understand that women don’t think “I like him, so I’m going to put in effort”, they think, “I put a lot of effort into him, I must like him then because I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t” (Chateau Heartiste AKA Roissy). They have feeelz, then warp their reality to explain that feel (much more than men). IllimitableMan says it in a much more eloquent manner, here.

Let her toss and turn in her bed thinking about you all night. Women love this. They love that mix of anxiety and love. It sounds gross to men, but women thrive on that shit. Let her swim in her sea of feeelz. Let her wear her heart on her eyes, navigating the chaotic emotional landscape that is her mind. Let her be a feeelzstronaut.

The Next Day

Don’t contact her first. Let her do that. As a matter of fact, I guarantee she will send you one early in the day.

  • “Heyyy”, “Heyyy :)” (Two y’s means she’s interested. Three y’s she really likes you. 4+ means she wants the D)
  • “good morning”, “good morning :)”

Don’t respond to this for awhile. If you think you’re up for it and she sent you a morning text, wait till the afternoon then say “hey, you woke me up. fyi before [insert time] is my me time.” She is likely to apologize. When a woman placates to your feelings, she has fallen into your frame (a good thing). It is also likely she will respond like the 3 women in the video below did when Chef Gormsay insulted them. She will feign offense as a shit test to see if you cave. Don’t respond to that and she will get all insecure about herself and apologize later after her ruffled feeelz settle. She may even go off on you. Say something along the lines of, “you’re being ridiculous. we’ll talk again when you calm down.” don’t respond until she apologizes, no matter what she says. When she apologizes, say “apology accepted. You were saying something about missing me and how i’m amazing?”. This changes the tone from serious to light-hearted fun and is accusatory. She will feel the need to defend herself and will likely tease back.

Validation Seeking #1

This is where you’ll see some beta bait. Expect to see something like “You changed so much and would like to hang out, but I’m sick” It’s a cross between wanting to hear you comfort her for validation and for you to initiate a hang out. Don’t fall for this crap. There is no other acceptable response besides agree and amplify: “yeah, you should stay home. i didn’t bring my hazmat suit. dont want to get infected”.

You’re going to see her mood change from indirect and validation seeking, to that of comfort and slightly flirty. Don’t get caught up in this and think “I’m succeeding. yay! Let’s talk more and more and more!!!” You’re not there till you’re there. You still haven’t by passed the goalie of the pussy, this thing we call ‘woman’. Keep your head in the game. Don’t talk unnecessarily. None of that mundane shit you do when you’re in a relationship. You’re not here to establish comfort. You’re here to create tension. It’s called sexual TENSION for a reason. I’d also advise against sexual innuendo at this stage. She will whoop out some faux “I’m offended you think I came to you for sex” or some other ASD nonsense. Just because you’ve fucked in the past, doesn’t change the fact that you have to play the game and woo her once again. I know, I know, women….

Initiating the Hangout/Date

This can go one of two ways. She will ask you to hang out or you can, preferably her.

1) You initiate the hangout

  • “hey we should catch up. how about [insert coffee place] at [insert time]?”
  • Note: ‘Catch up’ is for plausible deniability and doesn’t make you sound desperate. But the scenario is definitely best when she asks you.

2) She initiates the hang out

  • Ex: “I still have some of your things and want to return them to you. When can we meet?”
  • Note: This is not about her bringing your things, she wants your attention and give her validation. Accept this with, “sure, [insert place] at [insert time]” after a ~10 mins.

The Coffee Date


1) Don’t dress up for this, don’t look like you care too much. But that doesn’t mean you dress up like a slob. A black t-shirt with jeans would be good. And don’t intend for this to lead to sex afterwards, you’re starting the escalation all over again like you haven’t dated before. All you will do is validate her, and satisfy her need to talk to you and will lose interest. Sexy time is for date numero dos (I explain this later).

2) Arrive ~10 mins late. Show that you don’t care too much.

When you walk in, prepare for what you’re about to see. She’s probably going to be all dolled up and boner inducing. Her hair will be done, her make up flawless, clothing will reveal and accentuate her sexually erogenous regions, her cleavage will be exposed, her shirt will be tight, her jeans will be tight/her shorts will be short, her skin will be lotioned, and her finger & toenails will be painted. Expect the whole nine yards. **DO NOT mention any of it. DO NOT check her out and give validation. Act like you’ve seen tits before.

When you approach the table/booth, just sit down and say “hey”with a smirk. No hugs or enthusiastic emotion like you were anticipating the moment. If she initiates a hug, giver her a quick bear hug, and nuzzle your face in the crook of her neck and then go grab yourself a coffee.

What to expect from the conversation

I can’t tell you how this conversation will play out because it can go a million different ways and we’ve all had different experiences in our relationships, but here’s what to expect…

1) She will compliment you (say, “thanks”, but don’t reciprocate the gesture)

2) She may probe about your current sex life AKA ‘Dating’

Ex: “Do you have a girlfriend?” I know in my post, Hypergamy 102: Her Perception and Context Means Everything, I said to say “yes”, but this time it’s different. This is not just any girl, this is your ex-gf. If you say “yes”, you’ll only start another ‘battle’ you’ll have to fight and overcome. Avoid it entirely. Say something like “you’re still nosey just like before” with a smirk (this is accusatory will likely get her to justify herself, fall into your frame, put in effort). It doesn’t matter if she ever was, it indirectly says, “Maybe, maybe not. None of your business.” Expect her to say “I’m not nosey! I just wanna know” or “Come on, just tell me. I haven’t been with other guys” (a lie). None of it matters. Smile and change the subject.

Many guys fall into a mental box believing they have to answer everything she says directly with seriousness, especially when she accuses you of something or insinuates something. You don’t. You don’t have to fall into her frame. Watch like the scene from the movie, Apocalypto below. The tribal hunters scare and chase a hog into a direction of their choice. The pig runs. What the pig doesn’t realize is that there’s others waiting with nets that force it to walk down another chosen path. At the end there is a death trap for the pig, and it dies. That was the intention all along. A woman’s intention with her accusatory or insinuation tactics/shit tests is to reveal any signs of beta. Don’t fall for it. You don’t have to go down her path.

She may mention how she has seen ‘just’ a couple of guys, but it was nothing serious. Or that she was hurt by one of them. This is beta bait. DO NOT fall for it. Don’t try to compensate and say you’ve been seeing other girls either. That looks like you’re trying to impress her, showing you care.

3) She will attempt to reminisce about the ‘good ol days’.

Let her. But don’t join in the conversation. Don’t start talking about how much you miss her.

4) She may bring up sex indirectly, but don’t get too excited. It’s beta bait.

Don’t fuck this part up and think that you can try to make this a quick bang. The mating ritual is still necessary. You still have to court her and play the game. If you don’t follow what I say, I guarantee she will feign being surprised, “haha, I didn’t mean it that way. I hope that’s not what you thought I came here for”. This is ASD for plausible deniability. You failed the shit test. She was trying to see if you had enough of an abundance mentality to neglect it. This is also an accusatory statement, an attack on your frame. Don’t react and try to justify yourself. I’m not gonna bother thinking of something you should say after this happens because you shouldn’t have fell for it in the first place.

Note: There will be times of silence. Don’t make it awkward or try to fill it in with conversation. That looks needy. It’s okay to fiddle around with your coffee, take a few sips, and stare somewhere else.

Make sure this date only lasts up to 20mins. Make sure that you end it on a high note. Leave her wanting more. If she’s in front of you as you make your exit, gently guide her with your hand on the skin of the base of her back. She’s in front of you, but you’re leading. Expect the, “it was nice seeing you”, yadda yadda yadda. She will probably try to hug you, go for it. Do the same hug technique I described above, but make it last just a bit longer. Your touch and scent will likely trigger good memories for her. DO NOT TRY TO KISS HER. If you do anyway, she will most likely dodge and say, “I didn’t mean to give the wrong impression. I’m not ‘ready’ yet. I need time blah blah blah”. This will validate her and will lose interest. If she tries to kiss you, make it quick. After the hug say “see you later” with a slight wave and walk away. Don’t look back.

Between Date Uno and Date Dos

Don’t make any contact with her for at least 2 days. She might contact you after your first date with something like, “I had a great time”, “I miss us”, some kind of non question. Don’t answer it. The only time you should answer within these two days is if she asks to hangout. If she asks to hangout within these 48 hrs, agree but reschedule so it looks like your time is valuable. Otherwise you’re at risk of her perceiving it as, “I’m at your beck and call. Anytime; any place. You name it”. Los tingles may decrease.

She may even say, “You have me so confused blah blah blah”. Don’t answer that either. You may feel great that your once unemotional partner is now showing signs of interest, and that’s okay. Just don’t act on it. Gotta show discipline. Discipline is a conscious, intellectual understanding upon the trust that through task completion in the mist of reluctance, comes catharsis and progress. Discipline, is having a plan and sticking to it no matter how you feel. The ‘task’ here is shutting the fuck up and keeping your feelings to yourself. If you need distraction, go lift, play videogames, or hang out with your friends. Something.

After these 2+ days, either you or her will initiate contact. This isn’t hard. Same thing as always. Logistics only, no proper punctuation or capitalization

1) You: “hey [insert movie] is playing tonight at [insert time]. wanna see it?”

  • If she declines without a reschedule, she’s not interested. Don’t contact her again. Game over.
  • If she declines with a reason and proposes a reschedule, cool. Wait for her to contact you again.
  • If she accepts, tell her you’ll meet her there. That way if things don’t go as planned, there’s no need to worry about taking her home. Plus, this will come in handy after sexytime which will be explained later.

2) She: “hey lets hang sometime”

If she says anything but the movies, I’d decline it and say that you two should go to the movies. Normally, movie dates are something you do with a gf, not with some lay, **but this is an exception**. There’s already a previous history. Also, this gets rid of the need to talk, it’s dark which sets the mood, and you two are alone. Be assertive when decline and tell her you’re going to the movies instead.

  • Ex: “nah the movies is better. [Insert movie] at [insert time] sound good?”

Preparation for Date II

Be Prepared

1) Clean your room. Make it tidy, but make it look like someone uses it. Spray some Febreeze and some a couple squirts of cologne. Close your curtains too, make sure there’s no visibility from the outside. Most importantly, fill any surface that can be sat on besides your bed with something. You want to make her have to sit on your bed. Girls will often sit somewhere else to make it hard for you just to amuse themselves. The point of arranging your room this way is to minimize all potential sources of LMR. That shit is bitch; I’ll cover it later.

2) Same as Date I. Wear something, casual, nothing fancy and not a slob. Arrive ~10 mins late at least. Review Date 1 for specifics.

3) Wear the cologne you had when you were together, but before you do, watch the the Alpha M video, “6 Simple Cologne Tips for Men | Fragrance Advice”(video below). FYI, great discounts can be found on (found my $70 one for $36).

This part is important because…

  • You want to smell good and optimize arousal
  • You want to evoke good old memories in her (smell is the most powerful memory trigger (Source). You’re letting the hamster doing the work for you. Work smart, not hard

4) She’s going to be all dolled up and boner inducing, again, don’t acknowledge it. You’re always around pretty girls remember? Noting special.

5) Don’t initiate hugging upon arrival. Never initiate hugging.

6) Only pay for your ticket. Don’t tell her she needs to pay for her ticket. Just pay for yours and she’ll get the message.

7) Open the door for her, but guide her with your hand on the small of her back as stated last time.

8) If you’re a smart consumer, you would know not to buy anything at the theater. You would have already eaten, or brought something that you can stuff in her purse. They’re less likely to search a female and her belongings. You most certainly should not buy her anything. You’re not her boyfriend, she doesn’t get that special treatment.

During the Movie


Important: You will not make any intimate gestures. That will only provide her comfort and validation. It’s called sexual TENSION for a reason. No kissing, no holding hands, no leg rubbing, not footsy. Comfort is the death of desire in a woman.

She’s going to use this as an opportunity to lure you in and show you’re interested. Don’t fall for it. She will be staring at you periodically and will shift her body position to get closer and want validation. Use your peripheral to observe it, but look like you’re just enjoying the movie. She may even ‘accidentally’ touch you. Don’t fall for that either. It’s important that you act like a woman has touched you before. Occasionally look at her while she’s looking at you, smirk, then continue watching the movie. Once or twice, do the same but get in a bit closer and ask, “what? who you lookin’ at?” then give her a slight poke with a smirk, then continue watching the movie. This will drive her crazy, which is what you want. Don’t break the tension.

After the Movie


When you get back outside, chit chat only a couple feet away from her, then suddenly be silent and stare into her eyes for a bit smirk with desire. Let her feel your lust. Next you will reach for her hip and slowly bring her into you. Place your mouth close to her ear talk softly into her ear (not whisper, keep the base in your voice). “This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to get in your car and follow me home and we’ll hang.” If you did everything right and with confidence, she is likely to agree.

Bringing Her in the House for Sexy time

This ex-gf experiment is Black Ops. Your parents and friends should not know you’re doing this. You’re a Lone Ranger. You want all potential interruptions and ASD alarm setters to be eliminated.

Stay quiet. No chit chat. You both know why you’re there. If you have others over, especially your parents, put your fingers to your lips and whisper “shhhhhhhhhh”. Take a peak inside and make sure the coast is clear.

When you reach your room, tell her to sit down and you’ll be right back, then close the door. This allows her to situate herself in the new ‘nest’ and get comfortable. Take this opportunity to wipe your balls in the bathroom, quickly brush your teeth, and put on deodorant. Return back, close the door slowly.

She will most likely have her purse laid out somewhere and sitting on your bed (you covered every other possible seat right?). Stare at her until you gazes back, then tell her to stand up. Being a woman, she’s probably gonna ask why to test to see if you’re truly assertive. Don’t repeat yourself, just grab her arm, pull her up, and kiss her. This is where many men mess up. They slowly approach her face awaiting further approval, don’t do this.The fact a woman allowed you a previous stage of escalation is consent to attempt the next. Just go for it. If she starts talking, ignore it and kiss her anyway. Hesitation and women talking can only lead to hamsterish nonsense. Nothing that comes out of her mouth will assist or benefit you in anyway.

You are now in ASD and LMR territory, beware. Women guard that vagina like goalies in Shaolin Soccer…

In this situation, the best defense is a good offense. Blitzkreig that pussy. Sometimes you have to swat away shit tests like Ip Man…

Sometimes you have to completely destroy and annihilate them like Ip Man…

(Seriously, watch that movie. It’s the shit. The third one sucks though.).

She may put up ASD and say, “I’m not that kind of girl”. Say, “But I’m that kind of guy” then resume. If she whoops out some more ASD, there are three techniques you can disarm it, assuming you’re standing…
1) Superman Carry her (quickly and against her protests). Smile, peck her on the lips, then throw her onto the bed and lay on her

2) The armchair technique. This allows you to grab ass under the guise of support.



3) Throw her over your shoulder. Grab the outside leg for stability. Use the other hand to grab a handful of ass and slap it as you twirl around in circles, then toss her on the bed and lay on her.

There are a million ways this can go down, but you will have to take panties off. That is the most common source of LMR. The best way to get to the pussy from here is to distract her with multiple seemingly innocent movements. Kiss her with your lips, rub her on a non-erogenous region with one hand, and use the other to rub one of her upper thighs. The trick here is to twist your wrist, use wrist as leverage in the inner-upper thigh while simultaneously pushing aside the underwear with your pinky and ring finger, then proceed to make contact with the middle and index and start rubbing before the hamster has time to engage and set off the LMR alarms. Move faster than the speed of hamster. Make the tingles fire before the hamster has a chance to accelerate. Once your hand makes contact with her wet pussy, she is less likely to decline your advance. Don’t wait for permission. Affirmative consent is bullshit. Only mangina faggotz have sex like this…

Her pussy will become an instant Sahara Snatch if you attempt it. Women want men to just go for it. The fact that she came to your room is consent to escalate. She knows damn well why she’s there. How do you think humans determined consent before the invention of spoken communication? BODY LANGUAGE!!!

Reminder: No doesn’t always means no, it means keep going or try again later. But no does sometimes means stop. Know the difference.

Prepare for more LMR. “Did you hear that?” (Hallucinating), “This is wrong dr_warlock, I just met you”, (Opens one eye and spots an negligible opening in the curtain), “dr_warlock, could you close the curtains, I don’t want people watching us”. I don’t know how I got passed it, it must have been wizardry. I have no advice on how to approach this. Good luck comrade. Women’s hamsters are able to function even during sex. They can come to a complete halt and attempt to start an interrupting conversation. Prevent this at all costs. Interrupt her with a kiss.

After some time, use stealth to insert your cock in the vag. Keep her occupied with other movements while rubbing the pussy. Use the juices to lubricate your dick, maybe even quickly spit in your hand and use that. Prop your cock in the palm of your hand as a guiding launching platform, then withdraw your fingers, grab the head, and then proceed to slide into home base. Good for you terper, you’re now having sex with a live woman.

Sexy Time Done Right (For you virgin neckbeards)

The sex you see in movies is bullshit. The flower petals, candles, expensive hotel, love note, and breakfast in bed is complete, utter, false female fantasy bullshit. You want to be her Chad? You fuck her like a caveman. Not Casanova. Caveman. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvemaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn!!!.


How do you fuck like a caveman? Watch some porn. It is a great tool for technique if you know how to ignore the bullshit. (NSFW BELOW, make sure you’re wearing earphones. Possibly lotion and your spunk sock). I’m the kind of guy that likes to do his hw before he enters something so I’m at least decent upon my first attempt. My efforts paid off.

Note: By the time the clothes start coming off, dick size won’t do you much harm. I’m not going to lie to you by saying size doesn’t matter, but if you believe it’s too small for a girl’s pleasure, you can get penis enlargement surgery. Other than that, there’s not much you can do. But here at TRP, we focus on what you can control. If you think you have to compensate for your peepee (or lack there of), better start learning some cunnilingus techniques online. Too lazy to find one, google it yourself.

At first you’re probably gonna start missionary. After some time, without saying anything to her, withdraw and toss her over on her stomach in a rough fashion. Do not ask, DO. Grab her hips and pull her to her knees. Push her head down in the bed, slap her ass, then insert cock in pussy. Proceed to pound that ass like this…

Gentleman. This is a woman’s true and proper place. Face down, ass up, accept dick. Treat her like a piece of meat in the bedroom. All sexually dimorphic specie females are meant for fucking. She wants to be fucked by a caveman even though she will deny it. Grab her hair at the base of her head and continue plowing that vag. Put your fingers in that bitch’s slut mouth while you’re at it too.

Want to be Chad over 9000? Go to time = 3:45 with this video…

Notice at ~4:44 (the thumbnail) how he man handles her and pins her arms down. It’s complete dominance. Also notice how he whispers in her ear while riding that ass like a good cowboy. That is the time to speak vile obscenities.

Because you’re not a dumbass, you’re going to do some ol’ coitus interruptus and spray your seed all over her. Make sure to wipe it off before she has time to play with it. If she plays with it, grab that bitch’s hand and wipe her fingers. If you exploded in her mouth, give that bitch something acidic to drink like Coca Cola to drink. If you need an excuse, say “It makes me horny when you wrap your lips around something. You have a sexy mouth”.

You don’t want to end up like this guy. A doctor came in a woman’s mouth, she secretly pouched it in her cheeks and impregnated herself with it. He was forced to pay child support because…

“She [the judge] asserts that when plaintiff ‘delivered’ his sperm, it was a gift — an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee”

What happens if she won’t let you get it in?

The ASD and LMR may have been too much. Blitzkreig didn’t work, you couldn’t invade Russia. Don’t settle for cuddling. You brought her to fuck. If she won’t give up the pussy, that’s fine. Remain stoic and hold frame at all times. Now it’s time to kick her out in one multiple ways, but I’ll only list one.

In a non-butthurt fashion, say

“That’s cool. I should be getting some sleep anyway. Maybe another time”.

Either way, she will likely sling some shit at you,

“Why? I thought we were having fun!”.

She knows damn well she’s playing games. Tell her

~ “You seem tired and not into it, it’s no fun.”.

What ever you do, don’t give her a lengthy reason. She knows she’s saying dumb shit, but can’t help but say it. It’s like trying to hold in your turds. You may last awhile, but eventually it will spew out. Verbal diarrhea. If you’re lucky, she’ll finally put out. If not, have some self-respect and don’t press the issue. Don’t entertain nonsense and waste your time. Do you think A Pimp Named Slick Back would put up with that shit?

Sometimes things don’t work out. Always act with an abundance mentality, even if it means not having sex for awhile. Even if you don’t have sexual abundance, act like it. Act like you have three others inline for a insta-booty call. Jerking off isn’t optimal, but it’s good enough. She will likely call or text to apologize with some emotional mumbo jumbo and excuses. I’ll let you decide how to handle that.

How to Act Post-Coitus and Feeelz To Expect

Sex has a way of bring about feelings in people from time to time. This is natural. You’re not beta for having them. If this has become too much for you, abort mission. Don’t worry about her, worry about yourself and your own emotional well-being. Don’t fall into the Reconstruction Trap.You must realize, you can never, ever take this girl back. She is your ex-gf for a reason. If you ignore my advice, you will go through the honey moon phase again, but this time, it will only last for about a week, maybe two. Then it will abruptly end as you enter the comfort phase again. All the previous problems you had will resurface. All the irreconcilable differences from before will emerge as the veil of hormones washes away from your eyes. It will more than likely be her that initiates this process. She isn’t cognizant of this either. Her ‘love’ is more than likely real, at the time, but won’t be soon after. Again, don’t take her back. Don’t tell her “I love you” or “let’s start again”


Act like you’ve had sex before. Think of how Don Draper bangs his mistresses. After busting his nut, he falls on his back and chills out. Do the same. Don’t ask her “how was it?”.Remember you’re trying to plate her.

If you sucked at sex before, she will likely comment on how you’re such a sex god. Just chuckle, and/or say, “thanks”. Gotta act like it’s not a big deal. It may arouse her suspicions of pre-selection, don’t comment on your dating life. Tap her on the nose and say, “I’m with you right now, that’s all that matters”.

She will also likely talk about your old relationship and insinuate wanting commitment. Don’t get into this conversation, just let her vent her feeelz (to a degree). She is not obligated to your commitment. It is not advised to commit to a woman who doesn’t offer value beyond her vagina (much of the female population). If she says something like, “we should get back together”, say something like, “Wow, I didn’t know my cock would have such an effect on you. I think you may be a [insert your name] dick addict. But really, I’m spent and want to get some sleep. Maybe we can hang out another time”. If she insists, say, “I’m tired, we can talk about this later”.

Note: You dodge that conversation about a relationship by teasing her. Then before she can get another word, you say something that is very likely legitimate (being tired because it’s night time and you just had sex). In addition, you end the conversation and escort her out. It’s perfect. Once again, you’re not required to fall into her frame. Re-frame the situation to your benefit. Once again, a woman talking leads to nowhere useful or beneficial to yourself.

Between Fornication I and Fornication II

Don’t contact her for a bit. Gotta seem like you have other things to do, that your world doesn’t revolve around her just because she let you enter her pussy. She will likely reach out to you with a good morning text, or ask how you’re doing. Don’t answer till the afternoon. A good rule of thumb is to not even bother answering before 3pm. When you do, keep it short and simple, “hey”, “hanging out”, “just chilling”. The game is still going. Don’t give her much validation, else your quest to plate her will end. Once women get their validation fix, they don’t care about anything else, you’re useless.

If she contacts you with a paragraphs of emotional garbage, wait a bit and say,

    • “oh”
    • “gaaay”
    • “8====D”

or ignore her

She will likely feign offense and tell you off. Reply with, “8D 8=D 8==D 8===D 8====D~~”. You can also just completely ignore her. You’re not obligated to answer her at all. Don’t try to think of something witty. It’s not necessary. It is also likely to go over her head. “Don’t give unto dogs that which is sacred, don’t waste pearls on swine”. Keep it simple. Just keep doing your own thing and only text her for another sesh when you’re not busy. Don’t bother with a call. If you don’t wish to see her anymore, let her know by politely telling her it’s best you don’t see each other anymore. It’s especially important that you don’t nuke her feeelz in this current legal climate (discussed later).

Contacting her for another sesh

Text her something like, “ive got the house to myself, you should come over”, don’t ask her. She may also contact you very bluntly, “wanna fuck?”. Just reply , “sure”.

Fornication II

The only difference between this and the first sex sesh is that ASD and LMR shouldn’t be a hassle. You’re also not restricted to ‘safe spot’. Your car and a public spot like the beach is now on the table, especially blow jobs (often set off ASD alarms). You can also get away with more displays of affection.

Warning Against LTR-like Activities

I would discourage anyone from hanging out with your new plate outside of the bedroom. It will confuse her into thinking that you’re wanting more. She will then restrict sexual access in an attempt to extract more from you.

This Arrangement Probably Won’t Last

Philosophy of Spinning Plates

There’s a reason why it’s called spinning plates, and not spinning a plate. It’s meant to be a continuous process of acquisition. It’s a short term strategy that usually ends with the plate dropping on its own because she wants more. If one plate drops but you begin to spin another, it’s as if a plate never dropped in the first place. In the big picture, no one plate really matters as long as you keep going.

How to Properly Deal With Her Feeelz

Don’t tell anyone you’re fucking her…

When a female’s sexual indiscretions are caught in the public spotlight or not properly set aside, she is likely to conjure up a hamster-generated story in attempt to deny her promiscuity to her self and masquerade it to others, sometimes at your expense (e.g. False domestic violence and rape accusation) – something out of revenge for not getting what her solipsism entitles her to and/or for attention.

Leave girls better or the same as you found them. Don’t let plates drop and shatter; put them in the dish washer.

Remember Warlock’s Law of Sexual Consent?


……. So that is my $0.02. Hopefully you get something useful out of it. May you all experience being Chad and plunder much pussy.

The End

Read Part 1: What I’ve Learned About Being Chad a Few Times and Approaching Women (Field Report)

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6 thoughts on “Skeptical About TRP Theory? Try it on Your Ex-GF (Step-by-Step Guide to be Her Chad)

  1. You flatter me.

    I’ve been writing for the manosphere for about a year and a half. I started this blog in early June.

  2. obviously like your web-site however you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth however I will definitely come again again.

    1. I’ve read this post literally over a 100 times. I’m proud of the result, but sick of reading it. If you find any troublesome grammar or spelling, point it out and I’ll fix it. Otherwise, fuck it. I’m done.

  3. I read these Red Pill posts, and I really don’t get why women are like this, though I know it’s true. I don’t like that women are like this.

    What’s difficult for me is that I was raised in a very religious home, and was indoctrinated with religion. I was taught that you are supposed to not have sex or even kiss until you’re married… and that you’re never supposed to have sex with anyone else, and never divorce. I’m a believer, but the result was a lonely life. I always wanted to find a magical unicorn female, but AWALT — even Church girls…. even Amish girls.

    My great grandmother from Lebanon was married in an arranged marriage 100 years ago. She was a good woman… but still a woman.

    I don’t get why society took a turn from keeping female nature under control. I don’t get why the grandparents of today really see nothing wrong with the way things are now.

    I don’t get why people, especially women, lie. TRP speaks a lot of truth. I hate the deception, denial, and lies spewed by women, as well as by social norms. Why can’t everyone just be honest ? That’s what I struggle with.

    My nature is to love, honor, and put one woman on a pedestal. This has caused me to be rejected and I’ve had Chad be picked over me so many times.

    I finally discovered TRP and have begun to man up and become more Alpha. But deep in my heart I wish I could change the society. I want for people to be honest too. I also have this whole religious complex of : God created and loves women. Jesus died for women just like he did for men. Being “Chad” is a sin. Etc etc.

    Any advice ??

    1. What advice do you want, Dave?

      Look around you, this is the shithole you’re presently in. Doesn’t matter that you’re a believer or have tender morals, you are still drowning in the same filthy, sinful and deranged shit as everyone else.

      You can eat shit and die, or you can eat shit and master yourself, so you can look at reality as it is instead of the way you would prefer it all to be.

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