Podcast #1

— MAGAPod Interviews me (The Red Pill, Female Nature, Men’s Rights, and More)

  • Mark Hammond from MAGApod contacted me for a phone interview opportunity on his podcast (~50,000 views/episode) after seeing my blog site announcement on the sub. In it, I lay down the muthafuckin’ law about TRP, men’s rights, and a good ol’ women bashing. I did not hold back on any of the harshness or vulgarity that this place is notorious for. I represented this place the way it deserves.

Note: Content? Amazing. However, my voice and delivery is horrible and couldn’t fix it because I never practiced speaking into a microphone and listening to myself. I couldn’t see it at first, my ego was too bloated and focused on the content to notice. Then I began doing other podcasts and went back to it. HUGE difference. I feel much shame now. Due to the shame I feel I will provide a script instead for the future.

Podcast #3

— Always act like a woman has touched you before. Don’t fart and cum your pants like a beta.

  • In this podcast I answer a guy’s question regarding how to act when a girl has touched you by breaking down three personal stories of mine pre-TRP and how they relate to his scenario. Includes how I lost my virginity.