MAGAPod Interviews Me (The Red Pill, Female Nature, Men’s Rights, and More) [BANNED FROM iTUNES!!!]


Mark Hammond from MAGApod contacted me for a phone interview opportunity on his podcast (~50,000 views/episode) after seeing my blog site announcement on the sub. In it, I lay down the muthafuckin’ law about TRP, men’s rights, and a good ol’ women bashing. I did not hold back on any of the harshness or vulgarity that this place is notorious for. I represented this place the way it deserves.

Action starts at: 06:48

If you wish to see the typical length and style of my answers to these topics, check out the “What I forgot to say” section below.


Removed the podcast

Content? Amazing. However, my voice and delivery is horrible and couldn’t fix it because I never practiced speaking into a microphone and listening to myself. I couldn’t see it at first, my ego was too bloated and focused on the content to notice. Then I began doing other podcasts and went back to it. HUGE difference. I feel much shame now. Due to the shame I feel I will provide a script instead for the future.


What TRP isn’t


  • Defining The Red Pill subreddit properly, finally
  • “Get that ass, but keep my cash. Love women; stay free”

Shit Tests

  • Definition
  • Women in Burka Metaphor
  • Examples of shit tests in action and and the 4 stages they occur


  • Definition
  • Inner frame
  • Outerframe
  • Two popular characters that show ‘frame’
  • Why women attack the ‘frame’
  • Why women create men they don’t like

Alpha vs. Beta

  • Definition
  • How they relate to the pill philosophy


  • Definition
  • Why People Come to TRP
  • Describe typical boys life through education system and his release into the real world
  • Why men don’t believe the TRP philosophy
  • Men have never had a woman desire them for purely sex before
  • Women create the matrix: Shrodinger’s Slut
  • Women Need the 3 D’s: Dick, Direction, and Don’t Listen

Everything that is wrong with the the Men’s Rights Movement from a TRP perspective

  • 1)Men are attempting peaceful negotiation when feminists, SJW’s, and the government are out for blood
    • “They don’t want peace, they want your shit”
  • 2) The Victimhood Olympics
  • 3) Women loathe weak men
    • “You can’t talk like a bitch”
  • 4) MRA’s are Afraid to Hurt Women’s Feelings
  • 5) Women Only Do What Men Allow Them to Do
  • 6) MRAs are taking women’s bullshit seriously
    • “Women don’t want to feel good, they want to FEEL”
  • 7) MRA’s Are Arguing With Women

Women are inferior, but complimentary

  • Gender Wage Gap Myth Example
    • The real reason women entered the workforce
    • Women are Inferior: Physically
    • Sports
      • World Champion Women vs. Top 200 Men or High School Boys
    • Military
    • Police
    • Firefighters
  • Women are Inferior: Mentally (but not intellectually) (TOTALLY FORGOT IMPORTANT POINT, look at the bottom for what I should have said)
  • All women default back to ‘the bitch’
  • They want to be inferior
    • Define hypergamy
  • Women are complimentary
    • the reason for gender roles
    • women aren’t defective men
    • What men seek

Men may be superior, but it comes at a cost

  • women are human beings, men are human doers

Missing Parts/What I Forgot to Say

There were multiple attempts at this do to recording issues and because I needed it to be perfect. What you’re hearing is the final form we decided was best, but there were other components I mentioned in previous trials that didn’t make the final cut due to multiple reasons, one being that I get lost in thought when ranting and going improv.

1) Women are inferior: Mentally (What I forgot to say)

“There’s this narrative that society and academia loves to perpetuate, this ‘women mature faster than boys’. This is a lie by omission and a story based on that men and women are equal. If men and women are equal, it would be reasonable to expect that there’s one threshold of maturity that people eventually reach when they come of age. The problem is, men and women are not equal. Sure, women mature faster, but what you aren’t told is that women mature faster towards THEIR peak.

Men and women’s peaks are different and women peak at around 18 years old and STOP while men continue on and surpass them. Women are stuck between a teenager and an adult male, leaning towards childish. Women are fucking children even the middle aged women. Sure, they acquire knowledge and experience as they age, but their emotional maturity doesn’t increase. They bitch, moan, and cry about the most minute things, throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want, all while demanding respect as an equal and that you coddle their feelings and treat them as if they were legitimate. Every married man knows exactly what I’m talking about, especially those in a deadbedroom or heading towards divorce or a custody battle. It is completely ridiculous. And soceity expects you to tolerate this shit and work with them just because they’re women.

As a sidenote, when women can’t keep up and meet the standard, companies and organizations often promote them over the men who get shit done so that women don’t get in the way instead of firing them like they should because they want to keep their politically correct image. I heard some woman on a TV show say, ‘you just have to understand that women are complicated creatures and get a bit crazy sometimes and learn to deal with it. It’s just how we are.’ NO WE DON’T. Ladies, just because you can’t handle shit at home, in the workplace, or in life, doesn’t mean we have to help you. It is no one’s job to work around you and accommodate your emotional needs. It is your job to act with emotional stability and meet the standard. You don’t get to halt operations and demand the standard be lowered to coddle your feelings or compensate for your ineptitude.

You see Mark, society, academia, and the media constantly barrage you with images of kick ass fighting women, mature strong business women, and constantly remind you that they deserve your respect because they are equals PRECISELY BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT EQUALS. You have to be brainwashed into believing it. Men are being conditioned to override biology with ideology. This is the blue pill at work, denying what you see in front of your eyes every single day.”

2 & 3: Decided to make them their own posts, expect them in the future.

What is MAGApod?

MAGApod is pro-Trump advocating podcast by Mark Hammond. If this clip interested you, check out his website

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2 thoughts on “MAGAPod Interviews Me (The Red Pill, Female Nature, Men’s Rights, and More) [BANNED FROM iTUNES!!!]

  1. Great summary of what TRP is, sometimes it is much better to hear the basics than read the basics – there’s definitely some psychological reasoning for that…

    1. Listening is more passive, like TV. Reading requires effort. And a voice conveys a lot more information than you ever could from writing. In addition it adds a personality component (though I attempted to keep it all business and remove ‘casual talk vibe’), humans are designed for that.

      This is a speech, about 10 pages long. No one would ever read it if I wrote it.

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