What I Learned From Being Chad a Few Times and Approaching Women


I don’t claim to be a player, but I have been chad a few times and have had positive approach experiences with women. I’ve been on both sides of the fence; The grass is definitely greener on the other side. Here is what I learned & some of my personal theories. This is a primer for my upcoming posts in the ‘series’. I encourage others to share their experiences and compare notes, especially if you’ve been Chad.

Lesson 1 of 4

TRP Theory works in practice with extreme effectiveness, it’s necessary, and no hate, rape, abuse, or violence is required.

Where is this rape people talk about? I don’t see any. There I am, balls deep in a woman’s warm, wet pussy. I look to my left, there aren’t any weapons of mass misogyny (WMM’s). I look to my right, there aren’t any dungeons. I tilt my ear into the air, but no, no blood curdling screams there, just someone asking me what her ‘place’ is and to call her a slut. I look at her face, no tears or signs of pain, just delirious expressions of enjoyment. I look at my cock sliding in and out her hole, it’s bigger than a girl’s pinky. I check my neck, there’s no neck beard. I look within myself, there’s no hate, just animal lust.

Men, even TRP men love women very much. I laugh at how people say we at TRP not only hate women, we hate all of them, the definition of misogynist. I don’t think it is possible to be Chad and hate women simultaneously. Sure, you may hate a specific few, but all of them? Nah. That is such a waste of time and energy, an emotion that could only be motivated by rage from being unsuccessful with women or childhood abuse.

Being naked in a bed with an attractive woman that desires you is great. Post-coitus, you turn her around and she nuzzles her ass on your crotch, you press your dick between her butt cheeks like a hotdog in a bun, you place your arms around her tits and she folds her arms over yours, you get a whiff of her nice smelling hair and natural body aroma, and she’s giggling and smiling — that is absolutely amazing and drives me wild. The masculine-feminine kino makes a man ecstatic. Touch is powerful, especially mutual affectionate caressing. You can truly feel the complimentary masculine and feminine spirits coalesce in that moment. Yin and Yang. It feels very manly to see her willingly physically submit to you and truly enjoy it. Lol, I don’t hate women. Just because I only find non-blood relative females useful for sex, doesn’t mean I hate them. Just because you only deem someone useful for specific tasks and they wish they were more to you, doesn’t mean you hate them.

“Misogynist”, “asshole”, “douchebag”, “jerk” and other words like them are just code for, “he doesn’t put up with my shit, pander to my irrational emotional whims, and doesn’t give me the commitment I want”. They do not mean what comes to mind when a man imagines examples of them in their head.

I used the very tactics that are considered ‘misogynistic’, I was an ‘asshole’, I cared only about myself, the things women and society says wouldn’t work, and yet, there I am, watching a girl’s tits bounce to the rhythm of my cock. Many times it doesn’t end up with a lay, but they are receptive and clearly enjoyed my presence and behavior. Just yesterday, a woman told me, “woah, you’re really direct, it’s a breath of fresh air, most guys don’t do that. I bet you really like approaching girls”. Mind you that these are the same girls that society says would never ‘fall’ for it. The same girl that says, “I’m not like other girls”, the same indypyndynt woman that would be too ‘mature’ for that. Even married women and girls with boyfriends.

Society says that a man who holds my beliefs in this sub would never get laid, I’m just a butt-hurt loser who needs a life, yet girls eat it up. My family members tell me that I should talk to women better. My sisters say “dr_warlock, you’ll never get a girlfriend by talking to girls that way”, yet the girl in question is giggling, showing IOI’s, and prying for more information about me. They don’t know I’ve been laid outside my first LTR behind the scenes, and keep my success stories away from them. In short, don’t ever listen to what bluepillers or women say about intergender dynamics. Don’t ask fish how to catch fish, ask the fisherman. Watch what they do, not what they say. Don’t let shaming and noise distract you from and make you deny what you see with your own two eye balls.


I have been hearing some talk about how some people are already in a relationship and don’t need TRP-like theories. I can tell you now that your relationship will improve or be destroyed using TRP theories based on whether or not she only ever intended to have someone to control and validate her. The relationship either:

  • 1) Immediately improves the second you implement the theory (even just marginally) or immediately declines when you fail (very shocking transition, almost robotic on her part).
  • 2) She puts up some resistance because she’s thrown off balance by your sudden display of aloofness, self-respect, assertiveness, or any other ‘RP’ traits. Women don’t like men that act outside their assigned mental box (watch RSD Tyler video below). It is not uncommon for her to shit test to see if this is really ‘you’
  • 3) The relationship ends. If the relationship ended because of the implementation of TRP, then that’s probably a good thing. Either it was toxic and one-sided (in her favor), she was only looking for a beta bux, or your life goals did not align. TRP is not against LTR’s, we’re against LTR’s that don’t provide value beyond pussy. Male’s commitment >>> woman’s sex, most men don’t realize this. When someone brings value into your life and assists you in your life goals in a way that you can’t do all by yourself or get easily, it’s advised to keep them around, because that’s rare. As soon as they don’t, when the cons outweigh the pros, when they become liabilities, kick them out w/o a second thought and move on. If the relationship ended because of TRP, I guarantee that this is the case. And that’s okay, you were fine before her, you’ll be fine after (read the top comment too).
    • Despite what society and women like to proclaim, most girls are indeed replaceable, and girls love/hate that you act that way. Just because you’re in a relationship, just because a woman chose you as a provider and source of commitment, doesn’t mean you’ve ‘won’. And it most certainly doesn’t mean you can stop playing ‘the game’. For a man, the game never ends. A man can’t just exist and be stagnant. It’s the same thinking that has men wifeing up post-wall women after her ride on the cock carousel and thinking they won out in the end, that they no longer have to try so much, to play ‘the game’.


‘Naturals’ and blue pillers believe that it’s not necessary to implement our theories. False. The natural just does this instinctively. They don’t have words to label their actions and other phenomenon. They really are just ‘being themselves’. TRP naysayers think that just because you had to think about it, that the implementation is ‘manipulative’, ‘toxic’, and ‘misogynistic’.

Analyze any natural, especially how they communicate electronically. They often don’t answer immediately, ignore calls when they’re busy, take time to text and call back, or just flat out ignore them. You will see them causally flirt with other girls, focus on themselves, and pass shit tests with women. Naturals will often deny this and resort to reciting the same ol’ vague and general platitudes i.e. “just have confidence”, “just have fun”, “just be yourself”, blah blah blah.

For every successful relationship where the women clearly respects and desires the man, I want you to look for muscularity, money, IDGAF attitude, social proof/status,not paying her too much attention (like she’s nothing special), pre-selection, dread game, not taking his girl seriously (treating her like a child), not afraid to tell her she’s being nonsensical, not being afraid to walk away, passing her shit tests, and/or if possible, how he talks and texts her on the phone. See what you discover.

Lesson 2 of 4

Chad gets a woman’s true love and affection

Let me ask you a question dear terpers. Have you ever seen a woman in love? Oh you have huh? Then let me ask you another question. Have you ever been a girl’s Chad? Oh, you haven’t? Then you lied to me and yourself, albeit unintentionally. If you’ve never been Chad, then you’ve never seen a girl in love.


With beta bob, a woman will proclaim her love. She will give lip service as to how much she cares about him. She will tell you that all her past lovers were jerks, but you were her knight in shining armor that saved her. But while you hear this, you Bob feel something is off. Something is missing. Her words of reassurance are nice, but they don’t seem to be followed in body and spirit. She says you’re her soulmate, but sexual access is met with reluctance, obligation, and aversion. In the past, your beloved used to give it out freely, promiscuity was sought out with eagerness. But that was the ‘old’ her. Now she has ‘matured’. She’s now in a ‘real’ relationship. To preserve the sanctity of what you two have, in a quest to attain the prestigious state of ‘self-respect’, innocence, the state of a ‘real’ woman, she keeps it tamed and ‘appropriate’ with you. Any attempt on your part at changing this is met with hostility, shaming, and sadness.

    • “How dare you, I’m not that kind of girl!”
    • “Is sex all you think about?”
    • “Doesn’t our love mean more to you?”
    • “Am I just a sex object to you?”
    • “You don’t try hard enough!”
    • “I’m just tired… I had a long day…”
    • “My head hurts…”
    • “I just wanna cuddle…”


But with Chad, there is a complete 180. He gets her everything: mind, body, and soul. Chad unleashes her true nature. Chad makes her happy. A woman becomes the most feminine, submissive, angelic, child-like being in his presence. She will go to extreme ends, things she does for no one else at her detriment just to have a romp with him. Every action to serve Chad is done out of desire, she worships him, and lives to please. When she goes to bed at night, she tosses and turns in delight and anxiety. More importantly, she lets Chad do to her body as he wishes. Beta bob is rationed duty and pity sex, Chad gets the porn star sex. The very same sex that she so viciously denied and shamed Beta Bob for. Betas finish last, Chad finishes on her face while she’s smiling. Chad receives the best she has to offer with little to no obligation. Chad can even be her boyfriend, but he could drop the commitment and still acquire the benefits.

    • Side Note: Women will spout RP truth and talk trash about their orbiters and beta boyfriend with Chad in the bedroom. I’ve had a woman tell me she had a boyfriend (after sex), then say he was a pussy.

Lesson 3 of 4

There is no such thing as a ‘strong’ woman in the presence of Chad


No matter how indypyndent, no matter how physically strong, no matter how old (pre-menopause), no matter what a heterosexual woman says, she melts in the presence of her Chad. All women desire to submit to a man they perceive to be superior to them, but they have to test to see if you are. Defense mechanisms such as the Bitch Shield/Bitch Face and ‘I don’t need no man’ mantras are just a facade to help sort out the less desireables and caress her ego (Will expand upon this in another post). The outer surface may be hard (usually thin), but every female contains a gooey center just waiting to be reached and penetrated. She wants a man to penetrate it.

Think of it as the opposite of the Sword of Excalibur. He who cannot be frightened by her aggression, he who’s frame does not falter when bombarded with nonsense, he who can pierce this facade, is worthy, and shall be King Arthur of her pussy. Whether or not this process is worth it is up to you. Hint: it often isn’t.

    • Side Note: She will actively seek your approval in some way. I’ve had girls sending me pictures of their outfits, try on clothes in front of me for me to judge, and make me food.

Lesson 4 of 4

Forgoing LTR’s in exchange for Chad conquests will cause people, especially women, to directly question you


If you’re a bachelor that doesn’t hide the fact the he spins plates or has one night stands, women shame you for not committing (read: ‘commitment phobe’) ‘cuz team woman (need provisioning) and don’t want you to influence their men. Why aren’t you offering commitment and provisioning for a female?

When women ask why you don’t have a girlfriend, they’re indirectly asking “You seem to have SMV, but I see no ‘evidence’ (read: girlfriend)”. It’s a shit test and a question combined into one statement. She and anybody who asks this question doesn’t really want an answer. If you answer this question in any serious manner, it’s a loss of frame. Why do you need to justify yourself? The only possible escape route for this I can think of is “I just got out of one, I’m taking a breaking, just want to have fun and explore”. Of course, this will only work if they don’t know your personal time well. On the other hand, as I explained in my previous post, Hypergamy 102: Her Perception and Context Means Everything, when a girl asks you if you have a girlfriend, she is really asking, “Is there a girl in your life that’s willing to have sex with you on a regular basis (read: pre-selection)”, the only answer that should come out of your mouth is “yes”.

To revisit my last point, when she asks why you don’t have a girlfriend, she’s wondering why you seem to have some kind of value in her eyes, yet you don’t seem to ‘have’ a woman. She’s wondering what role she should deem you best fit for (read: Alpha, beta, omega AKA beta with no utility). On the one hand, a woman likes a man who many women want and who (whom?) are willing to have casual sex with. On the other hand, she fights for team woman. Females have many contradicting thoughts and cognitive dissonance going on in their heads. In contrast, men shame you to bring you down to their level, feel you’re a danger to the security of their relationships because you’re not ‘locked down’, and/or are betas white knighting for team woman. Mind you that men envy your position while they say these things.

If you’re a single guy that keeps his sex life under wraps (what I do), women think something’s wrong, asking, “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”. If you state that you don’t want one, they’ll respond with, “of course you do! (insert condescending laugh), you’re eventually going to want to settle down and get married. You don’t want to be lonely do you? You’ll see when you get older”. This will happen often. They won’t let you escape when you respond with “eh” and try to change the subject. Many people conflate not wanting an LTR with not wanting women sexually. To them, the two concepts are inextricable; the thought has never occurred to them.

What you’ll find in the hive-mind is that flings don’t really ‘count’. I usually encounter statements that insinuate that I’m MGTOW, gay, or asexual, not as a guy that only wants flings. Your experience may be different than mine. If I had to guess, it’s because I don’t ever discuss sex and women, or check out and hit on girls around my family, family friends, or neighbors so they probably get the wrong impression. I intentionally wait until they’re out of the vicinity to do so, especially the females of those groups.

Parents want to have grandchildren, so they prefer you to conduct activities that result in a family, especially your mother. On the one hand, your family doesn’t want you to be a beta loser, on the other hand, they want to support the female imperative and have children. You’ll often see that other parents are willing to sacrifice their son’s well being just a little bit in exchange for this goal.

There’s a great conversation here from the sidebar post, Red Pill Antibiotic Nuke (/u/IllimitableMan), but one comment in particular stood out…

“I think it’s something women aren’t really consciously aware of, or even admit to themselves. They have a subconscious assumption that you just need them, and that they’re doing you a favor. It doesn’t occur to them that you might be happier without them.

If you were a farmer, struggling to make ends meet, and one day you found a horse on the road, with no owner, you’d take it back to your farm and put it to work. You’d probably think, ‘Hey the horse needs a home, and my field needs plowing.’ I think this is the essence of how women look at single men. To them, you’re a horse on the road without a field to plow, and they’re doing you a favor by putting you to work. In other words, they view men, categorically, as female property”



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  1. I don’t ever discuss sex and women, or check out and hit on girls around my family, family friends, or neighbors so they probably get the wrong impression. I intentionally wait until they’re out of the vicinity to do so, especially the females of those groups.—–MAaAAAnn !!! This is so personal!!!!! I thought I was the only dog that loved to eat his food in solitude. IT is nobody’s business what I do but nosy people can’t control themselves.

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