How To Get Past Her ‘Bitch Shield’ Persona And Into Her Knickers

This is a guest post by Mike Haines. He writes about game, masculinity and self-development at

How To Penetrate Her Bitchy Persona And Get Her Into Bed

“You have to treat ‘em like shit.” — Trump on women, 1992


1. In this guide, you’ll learn how to get past a woman’s cold, bitchy exterior and into her panties.

Why do women act like bitches to guys who approach them?

What is the “bitch shield”, and how can you dismantle it?

Are hot, bitchy girls really as hard to lay as they want to appear?

Or are they actually easier to seduce if you know just the right buttons to push?

These are the topics we’ll be covering today…


Bitches: A Love Story

2. Ever since high school, I’ve had a fetish for bitches.

I’m talking about the spoiled, suburban cheerleaders… the blonde, popular airheads…

…the types of girls who spent their weekends getting bikini waxes at the mall and sexually experimenting with the jocks who used to torture me.

As a nerd, these girls were off limits to me.

So when I first found out “game” existed in late high school, I wasted no time.

I immediately set about trying to crack the code of hot girl psychology, and turn one of the cruel unattainable vixens I went to school with into my loyal and grateful fucktoy.


Losing My Virginity To A Blonde Bitch

3. Soon, I got my first real opportunity — a slim, popular blonde from my school who’d always treated me like dirt.

I ran into her at a party one night and she was just drunk enough to give me her number.

I spent the next two weeks planning and scheming.

If I can just fuck with her head enough, I figured, maybe I have a shot of finally losing my virginity.

After some texting back and forth, I got her to come on a date with me, then proceeded to get her drunk and tease the shit out of her until she was writhing around naked and wet in my bed.


Bitchy Girls Need Sex Too

4. We dated on and off for nearly 2 years after that. Towards the end, she was basically a glorified fuckbuddy.

I’d call her up when I was bored, and she’d spend three hours getting ready before coming over to my place.

When she arrived — dolled up to the 9s — I’d barely say two words to her.

I’d just pin her against the wall, pull her panties to the side and enter her from behind — no foreplay, she was already wet. I’d hate fuck her for about 3 minutes then bust a nut and pass out without a word.

She loved it.

I tried taking her for dinner a few times, but whenever I did she lost interest, or started acting out. She was only really happy when she was getting ordered around like a slave, fucked like a toy and then discarded.


What Is A “Bitch Shield”?


noun (pl. personas or personae)

the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others: her public persona.

a role or character adopted by an author or an actor.

5. The “bitch shield” is a cold, aloof persona women put up around themselves, which makes them appear intimidating and unattainable.

The bitch shield is fake. It’s not real. It’s an artificial personality, an act, a mask.

Examples of the “bitch” persona in action:

  • When you walk up to a girl and she puts a hand to your face and says “not interested”, or “go away” before you’ve even said a word
  • When you approach a girl (or group of girls), and they attempt to mock or belittle you
  • When a girl looks so intimidating and aloof that you’re afraid to approach her at all
  • When you’re talking to a girl, and she’s acting so bored and uninterested by you that it completely demoralizes you and you simply walk away


Why Do Girls Have A “Bitch Shield”?

6. Most people think that women put on a bitchy, unapproachable persona in order to prevent guys from approaching them, and to deflect unwanted male attention.

In this way, the bitch shield is believed to function as a kind of “filtering mechanism”.

Girls will act bitchy to low status guys who don’t meet their high standards, thus discouraging them from wasting her time.


7. But this conventional view of the bitch shield is a lie.

It’s a lie because it rests upon the faulty assumption that women have free will and can consciously direct their own behavior.

As modern neuroscience now proves, however, free will is an illusion. Women don’t have it. Neither do men.

We are more like machines — mindless automatons blindly reacting to external stimulus. Nothing we do comes from our “will”, because this will is itself illusory.


8. Women do not act bitchy out of choice. They act bitchy because they cannot act otherwise.

They are hypnotized.

The true cause of female bitchiness lies not in a woman’s conscious mind, but in unconscious processes that take place in the older, more primitive part of her brain.

As politically incorrect as it is to say, the real reason women act like bitches is not because they’re trying to “deflect male attention” — but because they are sexually frustrated.


Women Act Bitchy Because They Need A Good Fucking

9. Female bitchiness is repressed sexual energy.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Women need sexual release in order to feel happy, satisfied and optimistic about their lives.

One study conducted at the University of Albany has even revealed that women who receive a man’s semen during penetrative sex have lower rates of depression than women who don’t.

Women need to be Fucked Right® by a strong man in order to feel complete.

When they’re not getting Fucked Right®, they become negative, toxic and weird, and start acting nasty and bitchy for no reason.

(Think of your own experience with past girlfriends here.)


10. The bitch shield, therefore, is an indicator of latent sexual frustration.

The more a woman cums, the sweeter she becomes.

By contrast, the more sexually frustrated a woman is, the bitchier her behavior will invariably be.

This is true both of women in relationships, and of single girls you’ll meet at bars.

Bitchiness = sexual frustration and pent up erotic energy = horniness and an unconscious yearning to be dominated by a strong man.


Bitchy Girls Crave Male Domination

11. In my experience, bitchy girls are actually the ripest targets for seduction if you know how to handle their bitchy behavior.

Don’t believe me?

Read the following passage closely. I think it will give you a major insight into the basic dynamic I’m talking about — which is a “secret” to most men.

What follows is an excerpt from My Secret Garden, a book of women’s sexual fantasies compiled by the feminist author Nancy Friday.

This is from an anonymous woman, 29 years old:

“My first fantasy is that of being spanked. I have always provoked the spanking, it’s never unjustified. My innate female bitchiness causes my lover to say very quietly, ‘All right, that’s enough!’

I say, ‘Don’t order me around.’ He says, ‘You’re asking for a good spanking.’ I say, ‘I’d like to see you try it,’ in a very taunting manner.

At which point, he grabs me, grasps both hands firmly behind my back, pulls down my panties, turns me over on his knee, and traps my kicking legs between his. I am embarrassed and scared. He usually uses his hand, spanking me maybe two dozen times, very hard…

I am sobbing and enraged. The rage turns to humiliation, which turns to submission. At the end he forces me back on the bed and enters me, not roughly, but without foreplay either.” 

— anonymous woman, quoted in My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies, by Nancy Friday

I’d urge all of you to read My Secret Garden. It’s full of passages like that — many of them a lot more hardcore.

But I put it here because it illustrates my fundamental thesis beautifully, i.e.:

  • Women have an “innate female bitchiness” which functions as a way of provoking men to discipline and punish them — thus getting the woman off sexually.
  • A woman’s “bitch shield” persona is actually a kind of primitive mechanism by way of which she can see if you “have what it takes” to dominate her sexually, and to provoke you to do so.
  • The more sexually frustrated a woman is, the more she will unconsciously amplify her bitchy behavior in an attempt to bait you into dominating her.
  • The more bitchy a girl acts towards you when you approach her, the easier it is to make her horny for you if you know what to do.

Ok — enough foreplay.

Now that we’ve got a basic grounding in the female psychology at play here, the million dollar question is…


How Do You Conquer One Of These Catty, Sexually Frustrated Little Cocottes… And Smash Open Her “Bitchy” Persona To Get Her Kneeling Naked Before You And Eager To Please?

12. Essentially, you have to neg girls.

Yeah… I know, I know.

“Negging? What is this, 2005? Why not go put on a feather boa and a top hat and paint your nails while you’re at it, bro?”

You’re probably resistant to the whole idea of using “negs” to get attraction. I definitely was.

But the simple truth of the matter is that negging WORKS.

Specifically, negging works best on the hottest, most high status women in the bar, and slices through their bitch shield like a knife through butter.


13. What is a neg?

A neg is any negative expression you direct towards a woman you’re talking to, with the intention of making her feel strong emotions.

This can range from the outright savage (“you silly bitch”) to the relatively innocent (“is that spinach in your teeth?”)

Why is negging so important?

The reason is simple:


Men are docile by nature, but women love a good fight

14. Women want to feel a man’s strength, and his firm hand.

Women are turned on by anger, passion, and flashes of rage in a man.

They love drama. They need some form of conflict in their lives to feel alive.

They want you, in short, to show a bit of fucking aggression.


15. The vast majority of women are turned on by the idea of being sexually dominated, degraded, and even humiliated (see Fifty Shades of Grey, etc).

A lot of the hottest girls I’ve fucked have confessed to me that they have fantasies of being gang-banged by a bunch of random dudes in a locker-room shower… spit on… called names… verbally degraded… then discarded like a piece of trash.

It gives them a weird sexual kick.

(Again, if you think these kinds of fantasies are uncommon, read My Secret Garden.)

A big part of being a good lover is the ability to get a little rough with a girl in the bedroom — via spanking, choking, manhandling, ordering her around like a slave, etc.

Enlightened men realize this.

Well… negging is to game what spanking and choking are to sex a way for a girl to feel your strength


16. You have to be able to tease girls — sometimes viciously.

When you’re approaching hot girls in a club, bar, or even on the street, you have to be able to “verbally spar” with them.

Just as many hot women enjoy it when you hold them down and spank their ass for being a bad little girl, and actually can’t cum without this…

they also need you to be able to verbally spank them during the initial interaction, in response to their bitchy persona.

This is the key to penetrating the bitch shield they put up and getting them wet and ready for you in a very short period of time.


The Art Of “Verbally Spanking” A Girl: Get Her Panties Wet With Strong, Aggressive Energy

17. Attack, attack, attack

When you walk up to a group of girls, find the hottest, bitchiest one there and immediately start teasing the shit out of her.

Don’t wait for them to start being bitchy to you.

Go on the attack first.

This is a little trick I call “Blitzkrieg negging”. It’s a preemptive strike of overwhelming force.


18. Neg early, hard and often when dealing with the hottest, bitchiest girls

Most men are weak. On a deep genetic level, women know this.

And so when they see you coming, they expect you to start complimenting them and chasing their validation like a little dog.

Do the exact opposite of what she expects you to do. Subvert her expectations. Interrupt the pattern.

Begin the interaction by NEGGING HARD, and throw the established frame into chaos.

This puts her bitch shield completely off balance and gets her reacting to you, and ultimately, horny for you.

Just like spanking a girl during sex, it’s counterintuitive — but it works.


19. The art of verbally spanking a hot girl — the right mindset is essential

The mechanics of “Blitzkrieg negging” are actually exceedingly simple. (I’ll explain them in more detail below.)

What’s not so simple — and what trips most guys up — is the mindset behind it.

Fundamentally you need to internalize the idea that:

  1. Hot girls love being verbally abused
  2. Being “verbally spanked” gives the girl a form of sexual pleasure
  3. You should never feel guilty about negging girls — never. That would be like feeling guilty for spanking your girl during sex, or grabbing her by the roots of her hair as you screw her into the mattress. She loves it. You do it for her more than for you.


20. Same thing with teasing hot girls in a club. They want you to treat ‘em like shit.

They like it. It gives them a feeling of being overpowered by you, which in turn makes them horny.

The essence of femininity is submission. If a girl doesn’t feel like you have the ability to overpower her, she can’t get wet for you.

A woman always wants to be with a man who’s stronger than she is. Always.

And you demonstrate your strength — initially — through the power of your frame, and your ability to verbally spar with the girl and come out on top.

The bitch shield is fundamentally a mechanism by way of which she initiates and provokes this “verbal sparring”. It functions both as a test of your dominance, and — if you successfully overcome it — as a way for her to arouse herself.

The girl will never openly admit that being verbally abused makes her happy — but it will be clear from the sparkle in her eye and the ear-to-ear grin on her face that it does.

So how do we achieve this effect? It’s actually quite simple…


The Mechanics Of Blitzkrieg Negging

“Lure with bait, strike with chaos.”

— Sun Tzu, The Art of War



Approach the girl and open her with a compliment or “statement of intent”.


  • “You’re adorable”  [my personal favorite]
  • “You’re so hot it makes me angry”
  • “You’re sexy”  [works well in a loud, hectic nightclub environment where she can’t hear you properly and you have to cut straight to the point fast]

These are openers I like to use because they inject a sexual vibe into the conversation right off the bat.

You don’t have to go this strong, however. Adjust according to your own personal style.

You can simply compliment the girl on what she’s wearing, her hair, her boots, how she looks, or whatever.

This brings us to…



Once you’ve given the girl the “bait” in the form of a compliment, she’ll typically respond by giving you some form of bitch shield back.

But right before she has time to do that, interrupt the pattern.

Immediately start unleashing savagery in the form of vicious, panty-dampening negs and teases.

The secret to “verbal sparring” is that you need to go on the attack before the girl does.

Don’t wait for her to say something mean or bitchy. Say something “mean” first.

This puts her off balance, and gets her reacting to you and seeking your validation.

In this way, she gets to feel your strength. And like how women enjoy being dominated and overpowered in the bedroom, experiencing your strength over her is ultimately how she gets off.

Basically you want to just start tearing into the girl. Give her no quarter.

Make fun of anything and everything about her. Tease her ruthlessly and without remorse.


The key word here is “tease” — NOT “insult”.

Don’t call her ugly or fat, and don’t make obviously stupid moves like joking about rape, violence or anything dark.

But other than that, nothing is off limits. Her makeup, clothes, hair, shoes, posture, demeanor, age, relationship with her friends — everything is a potential target for teasing. 

If she looks 19, say, “What age are you, about 31 or so?”

Tell her she’s got spinach in her teeth. Say that there’s a huge booger hanging out of her nose and you had to tell her. Refer to her casually as “dork” or “little buddy”.

Childish shit like this works great.

Misinterpret everything she says or does as her wanting you.

When she tries to respond, cut her off mid-sentence by talking over her and changing the topic.

Casually respond to whatever she says or does using extreme words like “pathetic”, “dog”, “disgusting”, “eww”, or “gross”, but quickly move the conversation on before she has time to respond.

The key is to keep her off balance.


Basically, you want to project the vibe of being a loud abrasive dickhead who doesn’t give a shit about her opinion and is barely even listening to what she says.

That’s the fundamental vibe. Tease her. Bust her balls. Berate her over shit that doesn’t even make sense.

It should be coming from a playful place, but ultimately also a place of dominance and assumed superiority.

Other ways of projecting this “abrasive dickhead” vibe that gets her wet:

  • Eye fuck her with inappropriate intensity. Stare into her pupils and visualize yourself fucking the shit out of her. Do this even while you’re talking about the weather, work and random bullshit.
  • Disrespect her at every opportunity. Act as if her opinion is garbage. Cut her off while she’s speaking. Interrupt her.
  • Don’t wait for her to finish her sentences. This projects decisiveness, and an “I don’t really give a shit about you” vibe that makes women feel like worthless whores and, consequently, turns them on.


On an energetic level, Blitzkrieg negging is to gaming a girl what “hate fucking” is to sex.

Just as you need to be able to rough a girl up in bed — because she likes it — you also need to be able to “rough her up” (verbally) in the initial conversation.

Again, because this is what women ultimately want and respond to.


Real Life Example

I’ll give you an example of how this looks when you’re getting it right.

The following is a reconstruction of an interaction I had last week, when I approached a group of college-age girls at a club I frequent.

I didn’t take it anywhere sexual because I’m in an LTR and was mainly just approaching for shits and giggles, but I’m including it here to give you a flavor of how this looks when you get the basic vibe:

Me [walking up to hottest girl in a group]: You’re fucking adorable, who are you

Girl [bored, bitchy face]: Stacy

Me: I don’t know if we’re going to get on

Girl: Wh—

Me [cutting her off]: Why are you wearing those pants?

Girl: What do you mean, what’s wrong with them?

Me: Forget it. [gesturing at other girls] Are you all together? What are you doing here?

Girl’s friend: It’s her birthday!

Me: What age is she?

Girl: Guess!

Me: 30.

Girl [is clearly about 19]: OMG you’re such a fucking dick! You think I’m THIRTY? I just turned 19! How could—

Me [holding a hand to her mouth in the “talky talky” motion]: Bahbahbahbah. Enough of this. I don’t want to listen to your voice anymore. Introduce me to your friends.

[Her friends proceed to introduce themselves with big smiles and lots of compliance, while original girl gazes at me with sparkling eyes. From this point on the girls were all over me for the rest of the night.]

You see how this flows? Bang, bang, bang. Attack, attack, attack.

You don’t even let her finish her sentences.

You set the rhythm.

You tease her, you upbraid her over nonsense, you bust her balls for reasons that don’t even make sense.

You don’t even wait for the bitch shield to emerge. You completely over-power it before it even has time to come to the surface.

In this way you interrupt her pattern and put her off her game.


At this point, the girl will typically start “chasing you”.

She’ll start giving you IOIs — such as asking you questions about yourself, complimenting you, or touching you for no reason.

She’ll be looking deep into your eyes and her pupils will be dilated, which is one of the main physiological “tells” of arousal.

She may be confrontational and challenge you back — but it’s a good sort of confrontation.

Her words may indicate she’s pissed off but her body language will indicate otherwise — i.e. laughing or grinning in an “I can’t believe he just said that” kind of way.

When you see any of these signs, you can now consider the girl “open”.

The bitch shield is gone. She’s fully engaged, aroused, and her energy and attention is focused on you.



Once the girl is “open” or “hooked”, you can now proceed to game her as you would at any other time.

A great way to keep the sexual tension amped up to the max is to continuously repeat the basic pattern of “lure with bait, strike with chaos.”

In other words — push/pull. 

Reel her in with a compliment — push her away with a tease.

Say something flattering — bust her balls for something else.

Push, pull. Hot, cold. Yin, yang.

By continually altering between the contrasting emotions of “I love you” and “I hate you”, you will keep the girl mesmerized.

Often she’ll be ready to be pulled within as little as 5 or 10 minutes, and waiting any longer than that is actually a waste of time.



Take her by the hand — say “follow me”— then lead her outside to your car as if you simply assume she’s down to fuck.

Don’t ask — just lead.

Act as if she’s a literal prostitute whose sole purpose is to stand around and look pretty until you pluck her from the club or street, have your way with her and discard her.

If you have a strong frame, girls will comply in a surprisingly high percentage of cases.


This is called assuming the sale.

You’d be amazed by how fast women will leave with you if you just man up and LEAD THEM.

If you’re a semi-decent looking guy and you’ve done the previous steps properly, the girl will come home with you without asking questions more often than you’d expect.

If she asks where you’re taking her say, “it’s a surprise”.

If she keeps asking you, say “afterparty”.

You should be teasing her, flirting with her and talking shit throughout this entire process.

If she resists, tell her that if she doesn’t like the afterparty, you’ll pay for her taxi back to the club. (Make good on this promise later if need be.)

Settle any objections, concerns or doubts she has using creative problem-solving.

Some women won’t come home with you no matter how attracted to you they are in that moment.

But many will.

Go to a club. Approach 5 girls. Each time you approach, take them by the hand and lead them outside to come home with you as indicated above. 

For every 5 you do this with, 4 will turn you down, but one will come with you and have sex.

That’s the essence of game in a nutshell. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the best negs to use when teasing a girl? What are some of the lines you use?

A: Don’t use scripted lines. Think of this more like jazz — neg jazz.

It’s freeform. Improvisational. It’s a vibe. You make it up as you go along.

This is NOT Mystery telling you to put on a feather boa and memorize a paragraph of witty putdowns.

That shit does not work.

And the reason it does not work is that there’s no FIRE behind it.

If you’re using pre-scripted lines, you’re ultimately going to come across looking like this guy.

Instead, just work with what you’re given.

Let the unique situation — that girl, her behavior, her appearance, and so on — furnish you with the material you need to neg her.

This is infinitely superior to learning off lines.


Also: the negs you use do NOT need to be witty or clever.

I can’t emphasize that enough.

“We’re not going to get on.” “Why are you wearing those pants?” Mistaking the girl for being much older than she is.

None of that is clever. None of it is witty. None of it is even funny.

But it doesn’t need to be. In fact, what you’re saying shouldn’t be clever or witty — because that will just make the girl think you memorized some kind of line.


Instead, dumb yourself down.

Think about kids teasing each other on a playground. That should be the vibe you’re aiming for

“Eww…” “Gross” “You’re disgusting”. Giving the girl the finger for no reason.

Dumb shit. Shit that even a child would understand. That’s what your teasing should look like.

What matters is not the words, but the energy behind it.

You’re challenging the girl. You’re going against her in some way. For want of a better word, you’re shit testing her.

In this way you dominate the conversation from the very beginning, and put the girl on the backfoot. This is arousing to her because it allows her to feel subordinate to you.


Q: What if I go too far with a tease and she gets pissed off?

A: Rarer than you’d think.

That being said, if you ever make a mistake and cross the line with a neg, all you’ve got to do is say “just kidding”, then proceed as if nothing happened.

This will defuse all tension 95% of the time.

Assuming it doesn’t, a frame battle will ensue.

Her frame will be that you’ve “offended her”. Yours will be that no offense was meant, that you were just joking around, and that she’s taking this far too seriously.

Your frame will win out because it’s the truth.


Q: I’ve tried teasing girls before but it never works for me.

A: This will NOT work if you don’t have the fundamentals of game handled.

These fundamentals are:

  1. unwavering eye contact, which produces sexual tension
  2. much louder voice than normal (essential if you’re in a club, but still very important in daygame as it communicates dominance)
  3. good posture and body language — you should be standing up straight, head up, eyes looking straight ahead, shoulders relaxed, and taking up as much space as possible (Among animals, the animal that takes up most space is the alpha, while the one that makes itself small is beta. We are animals.)

If you don’t have these fundamentals down when you’re talking to women, none of this will work.


Q: What if by going negative I end up alienating a girl who would have gone for me if I’d just kept it friendly and chill?

A: Never happens — all girls love being teased, even “nice girls”.

Women have a much better sense of humor than men give them credit for.

That being said, you should of course CALIBRATE how strong you go depending on the girl and the situation.

6ft tall bitchy blonde model girl in the club?


Semi-cute shy girl at your college library in the daytime?

Pull it back. Poke fun at her a little bit. But there’s no need to go overboard.

With time and repetition, you’ll develop an intuition for how hard you should tease.

There are situations in which it pays to go very hard indeed — I’ve said absolutely savage shit to girls that I wouldn’t even put in writing, and they loved it.

But you only develop this kind of instinct with repetition and practice.

For the time being, a good rule of thumb you can follow is that the hotter the girl, the harder you should neg.


Q: I once tried doing something like this over text / online game and it didn’t work.


Text game is a completely different beast to in-person game. It operates by very different rules.

This article is written for a very specific purpose — overcoming a woman’s bitch shield in a real-life situation, like a bar, club, or daygame.

But it will NOT work over text, for various reasons that are too boring to go into here.


Q: Will this work in social circle game — i.e. where you’re introduced to the girl by a mutual friend?


It’s counterintuitive, but super negging is surprisingly effective in social circle game — as I learned for the first time recently. 

In this situation, the bitch shield is usually less of a problem — but creating sexual tension is. Super negging is a great way to create that tension fast.

I go brutal with hot girls I meet through friends. They eat it up. They’re all over me in minutes.

People’s jaws drop when they see what I get away with and what the girls are responding to. It’s a lot of fun.


Q: If I’m constantly ragging on the girl, how do I escalate the conversation sexually? Won’t it seem jarring to go from teasing her to pulling her in for a kiss?

A: Yes — that’s why teasing needs to be used in the context of a push-pull dynamic.

You tell her you hate her, then you pull her in close.

You tell her she’s adorable, then you push her towards another guy and tell her to go talk to him.

You kiss her sensuously, then you turn your back on her and start playing with your phone while ignoring her.

Push, pull. Hot, cold. Love, hate. This is the perennial formula for making any woman addicted to you.


Conclusion: To Make Women Love You, Treat Them Like Garbage

“To collect, first scatter. To weaken, first strengthen. To abolish, first establish. To conclude, first initiate.”

— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


“Nice guys” are conditioned to treat beautiful women with an almost religious reverence — but this only elicits resentment in the female heart.

To connect with a woman sexually and emotionally, you need to be able to dominate her. Domination is not only physical, however. It’s also mental and emotional.

In sex, part of being a good lover is having the ability to be vicious, to spank a girl and choke her, and to hate fuck the shit out of her when it’s appropriate.

It’s the same with flirting. Flirting is NOT all positivity and compliments — you need to be able to go negative too.

You need to be able to “verbally spar” with women — to cut through her bitch persona with a “verbal spanking” that will dampen her knickers and make her legs tremble in anticipation of the good hard fucking she’s about to receive.

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6 thoughts on “How To Get Past Her ‘Bitch Shield’ Persona And Into Her Knickers

  1. Now i understand why guys are often so arrogant to me, they actually believe it works. This is literally treating women like garbage.. But have you ever used this “method” on classy women? On girls who come from good families? Or only on wh*** you meet at nightclubs?

    You know, There was a time when women were respected. they were mothers and they were homemakers.. And then there were the prostitutes.. But nowdays the lines are blurred and men can’t even tell the difference anymore. So please tell me have you ever used this method with classy, respected, dignified women? Did it worked? Can you even recognize a woman from a w***?

    Please tell me, i really want to know. If this kind of behaviour is supposed to work with ALL women, then i ought to believe there is something wrong with me.

    1. “Now i understand why guys are often so arrogant to me, they actually believe it works.”

      Good game is like good plastic surgery. It’s invisible. You only perceived the guys in question as “arrogant” because they had bad game. If he had had good game, you wouldn’t have seen it as arrogance — you would perceived him as “funny” or “charming”.

      “have you ever used this “method” on classy women? On girls who come from good families? Or only on wh*** you meet at nightclubs?”

      The short answer is yes — I tease ALL girls, and ALL girls respond well to SOME DEGREE of teasing, no matter their background.

      The longer and more complicated answer is that I CALIBRATE how much of an asshole I’m being based on the woman’s responses to me. I approach the girl. I she is nice to me, I am nice to her. If she is nasty to me, I give her back some of that negative energy — but in a playful, sexually-charged way. Then she starts getting turned on and flirting with me.

      I do what works, not what doesn’t work.

      In my experience, about 80% of the most attractive women (classy, educated, well-dressed, beautiful) respond VERY POSITIVELY to being teased.

      In fact, with these kinds of girls you very often HAVE TO TEASE THEM HARD IN THE BEGINNING SIMPLY TO GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR.

      “If this kind of behaviour is supposed to work with ALL women, then i ought to believe there is something wrong with me.”

      Re-ead the post.

      I didn’t say it works with ALL women. I said it works SPECIFICALLY with women who put up an aggressive and combative “bitch shield” when a guy approaches them.

      It is my personal experience that turning that combative and challenging energy back on the girl herself works extremely well.

      Men respond to incentives. If women don’t want men to tease them and be irreverent and cocky then they shouldn’t REWARD those men who do so with sex.

    2. First off, I’m the site owner, not the author. Now lets address this little hissy-fit you’ve posted…

      “Classy Women” lol. In the definition of classy, we have what everyone agrees on, but people (especially women) go and conflate it with NAWALT (not all women are like that). People like to divide women into “madonna” and “whore” or “classy” and “stupid”. It allows the woman speaking to exclude herself from perceived negative imagery by throwing out this false dichotomy. The real trick to this is when our “sleezy/abusive/blahbalh” tactics work, the woman in question is deemed “not classy” because any woman who “fell” for it couldn’t possibly be “classy”. This false dichotomy scheme is women attempting to be the arbiter of definition so they can suit it to their own agenda. More importantly, it suggests that there is a significant portion of women who are “above” the influence of such tactics. Again, lol. Like Mike said, if you view this as arrogance, either his game sucks, or you don’t believe a man of his attractiveness level is “allowed” to do it.

      You know, There was a time when women were respected. they were mothers and they were homemakers.. And then there were the prostitutes.

      ‘Madonna-Whore complex’ does not exist. The Madonna and the whore are two coexisting sides of every girl. The homemaker and the prostitute are the same thing. Relationships are sex in exchange for resources, protection, and commitment. The only difference between the lady of the night and the virgin walking down the aisle, is the payment plan she has set for pussy. Marriage is the greatest case of prostitution to have ever existed on the planet.

      If this kind of behavior is supposed to work with ALL women, then i ought to believe there is something wrong with me.

      You and any female that reads my site or other redpill-like areas on the internet need to take a chill pill on the worrying. You either decide to have sex with him or you don’t. Don’t worry about how he did it. Whatever he did, it was obviously good enough for you. Quit all this mumbo jumbo.

    3. Example of framing yourself as NAWALT, with virtue-signaling as well. Also a strawman fallacy – it doesn’t have to work with ALL women. For all practical purposes if it works with most, there must be something to it.

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