The Covert Reasons Women Hate Male Spaces


Men, when left to their own devices, declassify top secret information of the female imperative. Women fear word of truth may fall on the ears of betabuxes, their retirement plan. Previous sexual indiscretions and what makes a woman tick are facts females wish to keep on the DL so they can navigate the sexual marketplace to their advantage.


Women used to be fine with male spaces, but it wasn’t until recently that they have invaded them. From the military to video games (also here), to the NFL and NBA, women have managed to turn these spaces into media outlets that shine attention onto themselves and police their tone. There are three primary reasons for this occurrence:

  • 1) attention
  • 2) their primordial fear of social exclusion (mandatory)
  • 3), and the third I’ve come to discuss in this post which has only been marginally discussed and vital to the female imperative.

Dualistic Sexual Strategy

Most men of the manosphere are familiar with the female sexual strategy, Alpha Fucks-Beta Bucks (AF/BB), a subconscious process where the female divides men into two categories: the man she enthusiastically gives herself to without commitment (alpha fucks), and the man who must provide to get at most, much less sex than the alpha fucks, usually of the duty and vanilla variety (beta bucks).

The majority of men in the world aren’t aware of this dynamic even though it always existed, and that’s because starting from the dawn of agriculture and writing in Mesopotamia, leaders of civilization went to great lengths to suppress the expression of female sexuality with religion and social shaming. It was only recently, starting from the Sexual Revolution in 1960, that women’s sexuality was set loose when Margaret Sanger’s feminist efforts had the birth control pill approved by the FDA. It was the first time men could have casual bareback sex (without pregnancy), and uplifted nature’s barrier to female promiscuity, pregnancy. The highly classified operation, AF/BB, was initiated. It was the official birth of the sexual marketplace, where men could compete with one another for commitment-free sex. It was the birth of game itself. Like all cultural revolutions, the effects took time to assimilate into society. Now, we’re seeing the results. In this case, male space invasion.

Top Secret

Hypergamy and AF/BB are in a woman’s nature. It’s, not right, it’s not wrong, it just is. Amoral. However, if the bottom 80% of men who compete for women’s affections were to be aware of this practice, it would be a complete disaster for females. The chances for women to secure their needed commitment would be endangered. It’s why Germany outlawed private paternity tests without permission from both partners to prevent “the abuse of private personal data” and France completely outlawed private paternity tests with an additional 10,000 Euro fine to “preserve the peace of French families”.

Imagine millions of men realizing that the families that they’ve help support for a great portion of their lives, were not theirs, and that their significant other knew about it all along. For this reason and many others like it, women keep quiet. Now let’s get to the point.

Why Male Spaces Are Dangerous

The subreddit, /r/deadbedrooms, is a cesspool of men who can’t get their significant others to put out. The original post ,

“Thinking we are done, four weeks into our wedding”, was removed, but pasted and summarized here, and quoted word for word below (emphasis mine). This account is critical to my next point.

“It starts out with a man in a once-every-two-months dead bedroom. One day he goes to an alcohol-fueled industry trade show related to his fiancée’s work. He wanders off on his own and strikes up a conversation with a random guy:”

Anyway, we got onto exes. I admit, I don’t have many. Well I have one, but that was a long time ago. So he was doing most of the talking. Alcohol, loose lips, etc. Anyway, my fiance is off in the distance and I was about to mention her. But just then he mentioned her instead even pointing her out sort of slyly.

He said she was one of his exes, but more like a friends with very good benefits. I don’t know why, I just decided to let him talk. He referred to her as “the dirtiest woman ever” and how when she first met him, within ten minutes she was leading him around the club they were in trying to find a second guy to have a threesome with. Then another time she had him round for a booty call and she was apparently very into toys. Apparently she had done most of his friends too and they would often talk about her. But he was laughing all the way through this, just sort of guy talk. Not in a mocking way, he was just letting the alcohol run his mouth. This didn’t click with me at all. My fiance? Threesome? Toys? No way. She barely moves during sex and most certainly does not give me blow jobs or even hand jobs nowadays. She told me she finds blow jobs degrading and one time I suggested buying her a sex toy she told me only sad women use those. Who is this guy talking about that can “suck dick like a champ” and all this sort of thing. Yes, I remember the words he used.

“How did he know that this guy was telling the truth?”

But he said something that made some uncomfortable listening. I just plain didn’t believe him. But what he said was that he knew of a specific tattoo that really unless you had seen her naked, you wouldn’t know about. I’ve had a scaffolding pole fall and break my rib once… this conversation hurt more.

“Eventually, the trickle-truth comes out, and her response is so typical that it could be computer-generated.”

It took a couple of very tense days for her to finally tell me everything and I doubt I heard everything. But she was “wild” in her college days, she was “trying things out, getting to know herself” and that it’s past her and she isn’t some sort of slut and it was bad of me to ask about this. My fiance admitted to sleeping with around 20 guys during her “wild” years and let slip one or two things I didn’t know about. I never really asked her for her “number” but given what I know, I think 20 may be an under estimate. I think when she admitted to an entirely different foursome with this guy I realized that the threesome I’d heard about wasn’t an isolated incident.

“The poor guy stays with her to see if things will eventually get kinkier, but they don’t:”

I even brought up the subject of sexy fantasies once. I tried being low key, saying that I found stockings hot, that I liked her in red lingerie. In truth I have never seen her in stockings or lingerie of any kind. Anything I said just seemed to be met with “I’m not a whore, stop treating me like one.”

Reason 1: Sexual History Threatens Provisioning

Gentleman, this is why male spaces are dangerous. A woman does not ever want the alpha-fux and the beta-bux to meet and greet. With enough time, the alphas are likely to influence the betas, and wake them up from their blue pill conditioning; this is unacceptable. The betabux is her retirement plan.

At no time should her provider wander and spend too much time in a male space, especially those containing ‘alphas’. It would be like allowing illiterate slaves access to books and people that can read. Eventually, the slave may come to the conclusion that he has been lied to and believe he can exist outside the boundaries set by his master; that in fact, it is his master that needs him. He’s in a prison of his own making.

Unbeknownst to many betabuxes, the Madonna-Whore complex does not exist. The Madonna and the whore are two coexisting sides of every girl. “Every woman is a whore, except my mother. But let us not forget that she is a woman, too.”Unknown. Relationships are sex in exchange for time, resources, and commitment, the definition of prostitution. The only difference between the lady of the night and the virgin walking down the aisle, is the price she has set for pussy. It would be in every female’s interest to prevent those they deem ‘beta’ from knowing the ‘Madonna’ they thought they’ve purchased, at full price, was actually a used car with 200,000 miles on it, disguised with a new paint job, and many men before him rented it for free while it was still new. He just might abandon it on the side of the road. Women know that their most valuable asset, other than their bodies, is their sexuality. They will attempt to hide the hoe-fax at all costs.

Reason 2: Men Learn Self Improvement on Inaccessible Territory



Unlike a tangible space, the internet is a place where a ‘provider male’ can easily access ‘top-secret’ information for long periods of time without a woman’s knowledge where her vagina has zero influence because there are no women on the internet. Females can’t create embassies on foreign cyberspace soil.

Virtual male spaces are deemed much worse than the physical. Online communities such as PUA, Return of Kings, The Rational Male, and The Red Pill are considered a monstrosity. Females only want the sperm of ‘naturals’, men that, ‘just get it’ and always have, not a man who had to learn it. The thought of an artificial alpha learning to emulate the natural alpha is disgusting. In the female’s mind, if this man were to succeed in passing undetected, she would spend 9 months gestating the inferior seed of a beta male and create inferior offspring against her will. It’s rape. You robbed her of the very little time she has before her sexual market value fades. Anyone involved in the teaching or learning of game is a small-membered, misogynistic, neckbeard, loser that can’t get laid and lives in his mother’s basement.

Reason 3: Our Sexual Strategies Conflict

“For one gender to realize their sexual imperative the other must sacrifice their own.” – Rollo Tomassi in the Feminine Reality

In the medieval times, where governments partnered with the church as a theocracy to govern the masses, it was a top priority to control the flow of information. Anything that questioned the narrative was blasphemy and punishable by death. Science has often been a great enemy of the state. An example would be Giordano Bruno, an astronomer burned at the stake for questioning the churches official report of the physical universe.

In a way, though not as extreme, men in male spaces are often like Giordano, scientists shamed and ridiculed in their pathways towards discovery. They utilize the scientific method when approaching women. A man creates a hypothesis on how to get laid as quickly and efficiently as possible without commitment, the male sexual strategy. Next, they conduct an experiment. Finally they record their findings and report them back to the male space headquarters for review and discussion AKA ‘Field Reports‘. If someone’s experiment seems to have merit, other men attempt to recreate the experiment and reproduce the findings. Should a certain experiment consistently produce positive results, standing, despite rigorous attempts at refutation, it is deemed theory. The message begins to spread and more men understand the workings of the female mind, using this knowledge to obtain sex with no strings attached. This is the enemy of the female imperative. Women need a man’s commitment.

Divide Two, Conquer One

AF/BB is a form of divide and conquer. By definition, alphas can’t be tamed; their direct deposit of semen will do. However, the betabux can. It is often the case that when a woman is in need of resources, wants her first baby, or when she hops off/gets kicked off the cock carousel, she will not attempt to be self-reliant through merit, but will suddenly reinvent herself, become the ‘Madonna’. The past is the past. All those dicks she took in every orifice within an hour of meeting a guy is the ‘old her’. She was just experimenting and finding herself. Now she’s a ‘real woman’ and is looking to settle down. At least, that’s what she tells herself, and the best unsuspecting betabux providers she can find.

The Conquered One

When a woman happens to snag a provider using the strategy described above, she immediately attempts to conquer him. Not physically, but mentally. Step one is to isolate him from all outside influences that would threaten her provisioning. She wants to be his only source of intimacy and outlet for information regarding intergender dynamics. On his TV, she is his only channel. In his library, she is his only book. On his radio, she is his only station. The man may be seduced by the female propagating her fantastical concept of love (video below), or he maybe shamed and sex starved to be kept dependent, subservient, and in the dark about his true purpose.


“They don’t hate us for our views, they hate us for their lack of power over us. They’ve become so entrenched in their narcissism that the notion of using effort and offering value beyond their pussy is heresy itself.” –/u/RB1

They hate the idea that there exists a space in the universe where the culture is not centered around themselves, pandering to their needs, and worshiping the dirt they stand on, this sacred ground. Women need men and need the feeling to be mutual, but the presence of our male exclusive spaces are evidence to the contrary. It shows that a man, even one women categorize as a provider, can have an enjoyable existence outside the presence of a woman. If a man cannot be controlled by sex, women are powerless.


The End

Highly Recommended Personal Account of Women Destroying a Male Space

The Soft Shutdown

Great comment section on this piece on the Red Pill subreddit:

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  1. Unquestionably consider that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be at the internet the easiest thing to keep in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while other people think about issues that they plainly don’t recognise about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest and also defined out the entire thing without having side effect , other people can take a signal. Will likely be again to get more. Thanks

  2. Nicely done! I’ve always had a vague resentment over the disadvantaged male to female SMV imbalance since childhood. Of course, I’m only now truly getting the intellectual dispensation of these concepts in a more actionable presentation. Since I’m short on game, I’m currently in the “women are a colossal waste of time” phase. So now I only want to be as ruthlessly efficient in dealing with them as possible. They extent to which women have this diabolically cruel emotional bondage over us makes me sick.

    1. “They extent to which women have this diabolically cruel emotional bondage over us makes me sick.”

      No one can have ‘cruel emotional bondage’ over you without your consent.

      “I’ve always had a vague resentment over the disadvantaged male to female SMV imbalance since childhood.”

      The SMV imbalance doesn’t exist. The natures are complimentary. Women have inherent value upon their first period and peak at around 20 years old. From then on, she spends her life postponing the loss of value.

      A man only has the potential to be valuable and he must fight for it. But men can be so much better than any woman could be and their peak happens much much later in life.

      This is nature. Don’t resent it.

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