The Epiphany Phase and Baby Rabies Never Used to Exist

Feminism is indoctrinating women into believing that they don’t need a man and can do anything. Having children early on is a form of oppression. They should compete with men in the corporate rat race for the pursuit of money, power, and might. If they should decide to LATER become mothers, they can balance family, higher education, and a corporate job while remaining stress free and happy. They are ignoring their biological programming, to become young mothers. And are suffering the emotional consequences.

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Why You Shouldn’t Explain Female Nature to Women


By explaining female nature to women, you’re either attempting to display your intellectual prowess (You showed her! /s), or attempting to revise her nature in hopes she will change her ways to meet the standard of the ideal woman you were conditioned to expect and are biologically predisposed to perceive her as. Both efforts are futile; there’s nothing to gain. Anything positive derived from this endeavor is negligible and not worth the effort. She is not a man and will never be one. Accept this nature for this acceptance shall set you free.

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What I Learned From Being Chad a Few Times and Approaching Women

TRP Theory works in practice with extreme effectiveness, it’s necessary, and no hate, rape, abuse, or violence is required. I don’t claim to be a player, but I have been chad a few times and have had positive approach experiences with women. I’ve been on both sides of the fence; The grass is definitely greener on the other side. Here is what I learned & some of my personal theories. This is a primer for my upcoming posts in the ‘series’.

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