Hello, I’m dr_warlock AKA Michael Augustus AKA Big Poppa Warlock AKA Warlock the Great

Q: Why did I make this blog?

A: I’ve been involved in the manosphere, specifically the Red Pill subreddit for about 2 years (if you include lurking). Slowly, but surely, my writing evolved and improved to the point I was cranking quality post after quality post. Now I want my own creative space and hopefully can make some side cash for my efforts. I will write regardless because I enjoy it.

Q: What is the subject focus on this site?

A: Intergender dynamics, female nature, blue pill ideologies, male legal atmosphere, Social Justice Warriorism, and the historical relevance.

Q: Were you always of the ‘RedPill Mindset’?

A: I used to be a Social Justice Warrior that moral signaled about government/corporate corruption, diversity, multiculturalism, religion, and gay and gender equality while simultaneously sneering at self-improvement (barf). The manosphere showed me the error of my ways. I’ve taken the red pill and there’s no going back.

Q: Am I an actual doctor?

A: Yes. I’m a bluepill neurosurgeon. I have an M.D. in female psychology and a PHD in the arts of triggering and misogyny.